Co-ordination — have agreed on a common candidate — not

Statement on the coordination of joint actions during the presidential election campaign was the round table on the nomination of a single candidate from the democratic forces. August 24 to 15 hours in the office of the Belarusian Popular Front will be a ceremonial signing of the document.

At today's meeting, which was held in the office of the BPF, participated leader of the European Coalition Statkevich, chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko, member of the BCD Dennis Sadowski, spokesman Ales Mikhalevich Nikita Krasnov, Deputy Chairman of the Movement "For Freedom" Viktor Kornienko, Chairman of the BPF Yanukevich and a member of the party "Fair World" Valery Uhnalou. Politicians have agreed to coordinate their actions in order to achieve free elections. Statkevich said:


"At first, I was deeply disappointed when they came only four subjects. And then tightened sufficiently important three subjects. Nekljaev Mr. and Mr. Yarashuk expressed their support for this statement, but were unable to attend. Was taken as a basis the draft document developed by the representative of Sannikov Ivashkevich . I think he will also join. When these actors to join this process, we can say that the coordination process has started, it creates a kind of common ground, where sooner or later we all agree on is our unity for the sake of a better future for Belarus. "

Anatoly Lebedko said that if the August 24 document is not signed, the UCP refuse further communication and work out a joint position.

Anatoly Lebedko

"For two years we make statements, declarations, in words, everything looks good, but it is not reflected in practice. So today we proposed a simplified version of the agreement, which provides for joint action on several fronts. Specifically, the organization nominating people to the electoral commission, total active surveillance, internal and external pressure to change the law and practice, to mobilize people to protest against electoral fraud. This is something from which you can not refuse. "

The question of the nomination of a single candidate is not removed from the agenda, although the document adopted today is not affected.

"If all signed, coordinate their activities and thus claim the political will to go further to a single candidate, it is possible to set the most ambitious goals. When this simple little document is not signed and is not implemented, then it means that priority will be to others — how to avoid legitimizing the results of the election campaign. "

According Liabedzka should be established a joint coordination center. However, this issue is still being studied representatives of the movement "For Freedom." Viktor Kornienko said that if the proponents explain the functions and powers of the center, that the purpose for which it is created, it may be agreed. But the representative of the movement will sign a joint statement?

Viktor Kornienko

"We'll discuss it. I believe that we can sign it, that is. Personally, I agree with what it says on the coordination of joint activities during the election campaign. Moreover, we are ready to work on a single, if we can find such a man that will meet our criteria. "

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