Collect a hundred thousand signatures will only three

Co-chair of the organizing committee of the BCD Vitaly Rymashevski met on August 15 in Grodno with their fans. The conversation was primarily about the upcoming presidential election and his plans to personally participate in them.
Rymashevski thinks of opposition candidates will be able to collect the necessary registration for one hundred thousand signatures of no more than three people. Already we can say in advance, that elections will be illegitimate if they would participate Lukashenko, Also notes V.Rimashevsky.
"So little time before the election — agrees chairman of the organizing committee of the BCD, and also a small chance to win, but — there was a lot of chances to win at Constantine Kalinowski in 1863? However, sometimes there is just such a situation when you have to go and fight and there is no alternative . " Just Now there is no other choice in the BCD, said V. Rymashevski: "If there is an opportunity to win, we win, but we need to set the task to at least not lose. Which means — to increase the number of members of the organization to Grodno was after the election and three activists even more — fans, "he says.

His company wants to carry out the organizing committee of the BCD-style rigid opposition to Lukashenka's regime, stresses V. Rymashevski: "We need to act as an alternative to it, to give people hope for change. Quite a few of those in the revivalist movement for fifteen years, but they have also lost hope, that the country can make a difference. main mission of the Christian Democracy to announce today that it is hope, it is necessary to give people faith. "

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