Company commander in Vilnius Mounted Police were trying to recruit?

The detention of the company commander of the municipal Mounted Police Commissariat of Vilnius main Laimonas Bankauskas in Belarus is suspect not only his family but also by special forces. It is believed that the KGB, throwing drugs in his car, tried to recruit the staff member of the Lithuanian police, according to the Lithuanian portal DELFI.

It is reported that Bankauskas, who is on vacation in Belarus, was arrested on August 16 on the border of Lithuania and Belarus, Oshmyany region. However, his mother-in-law claims that Bankauskasa arrested early as Sunday.

Bankauskas married a Belarusian, Lithuanian citizen. His wife's parents live in Minsk. However, after learning about the incident, mother-in-law arrived in Vilnius, and his wife and friends — to Belarus.

According to Tiffany Bankauskasa, he and his family had planned to go to sea. Before the trip, decided to buy a cheap fuel in Belarus. He offered to go along and loved ones, but they did not want. When Bankauskas returned to Lithuania, took his car to check not only the customs, but also the security services.

When asked Lithuanian lift the hood, he did it. At this point, he was outside, did not see what's going on in the cabin and in the trunk, and at this point in his car found 45.5 grams of methamphetamine. Police detained and placed in a detention center Grodno. He faces a prison term of 3 to 7 years.

Lithuanian special services and was surprised that what drugs were found in Bankauskasa, and their number. For the addict as much too large, and for the merchant-wholesaler — too small. But the most amazing thing is that the synthetic methamphetamines, Lithuanian criminals who churn and exported to Scandinavia and Western Europe, the once, According to preliminary data, fidgeted in Lithuania.

Head of the Customs Criminal Service Saulius Urbanavichus DELFI said the following: "Not in that direction was carrying. Methamphetamine imported from Lithuania. From Belarus to us carry heroin, hashish, not methamphetamine. Illogical and strange."

But on Wednesday, Belarusian officials said Bankauskasa detained when he vyazhzhav in Belarus. Thereafter Lithuanian police began to find out if all of the same company commander was detained Mounted Police — on entry or departure. According Bankauskasa mother-in-law, he was arrested when he vyazhzhav in Belarus. In this case, all logical. However, the woman does not believe this, "He was driving for fuel. Having bought it in Belarus, he would have saved 200 litas. Had he sold drugs, over the fuel in Belarus he would not it was necessary to ride. I have no doubt that this is a provocation. "

In this story does not believe immediate supervisor Bankauskasa Algimantas Minkavskas: "I do not believe it. Looking forward when he returns."

In Vilnius, there are rumors that Bankauskasa in-law, who lives in Minsk — a former high-ranking KGB officer or soldier, now a businessman. Allegedly, the KGB could be interested in Lithuanian and because of his wife's father. However, the mother-in-law Bankauskasa categorically denies these rumors. According to her, her husband served in the Soviet Army, was a major, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union left the service, he worked in companies that sell computers.

Bankauskasa mother-in-law says that the son is against drugs and drug dealers, so she has no doubt that the drugs had "arrogantly and rudely slipped."


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