Completed initial tests attack helicopter Apache Block III

Completed initial tests attack helicopter Apache Block III 
The U.S. Army has successfully graduated from the initial tests attack helicopter AH-64 Apache Block III. As reported on the website of the U.S. Army adopted the new helicopter from Boeing can get in 2013.
Refreshed helicopter received more powerful engine, improved box and composite blades. One of the important advantages AH-64 Apache Block III was the brand new board electronics. According to Colonel Shane Oupenshou (Shane Openshaw), bortovik helicopter has great potential for the upcoming improvement.
As explained by the colonel, the computing module is able to direct the helicopter UAVs, including MQ-1C Gray Eagle production General Atomics, in the frequency spectrum Ku. Also on the AH-64 Apache Block III UTA system can be installed to communicate with drones or radar Longbow.
In the coming spetsy want to «teach» helicopter control a wide range of drones, including the RQ-7 Shadow.
AH-64 Apache Block III is capable of speeds up to 300 km per hour and climbing up to 2-thousand kilometers. Helicopter in service costs 30-millimeter cannon, rockets Hydra 70 rockets and air-to-surface AGM-114 Hellfire and air-to-air AIM-92 Stinger and AIM-9X Sidewinder.
In total, the United States in 2026 are planning to arm 690 helicopters Apache Block III.

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