What is it?

Condom — Is product from the finest latex, which prevents the penetration of the sperm intovagina. The effectiveness of contraception with a condom around 90%. This product is mainly sold in pharmacies. It has many varieties: with extra lubricated, ribbed, with the smell, with a mustache, in different colors.

How to use?

Condom is placed over the penis is erect. It is necessary not to forget to leave a little space around the head member to collect semen. After intercourse condom preferably quickly removed to prevent leaking sperm into the woman's vagina.

Pros method

Use condom has no contraindications, can be used without the advice of a physician and a long time, has no side effects, protect against STDs, creates additional lubrication.

Disadvantages of the method

Disadvantages of using condoms are to reduce the sensitivity oftime intercourse, as well as the need to interrupt act love at the time of dressing condom.

There is a possibility of allergy to latex. In this case, you can purchase a latex-free Condoms, but they are considered less reliable.

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