Contraindications and possible side effects

Contraindications and possible side effects.  Photo from

Typically, with proper initial installation and training to the period of fasting complications and side effects do not occur. However, in some cases, the first two days may show signs of asthenic syndrome: a feeling of physical weakness and shallow sleep. These adverse reactions are easily eliminated auto-training and meditative relaxation.

On the third or fourth day in the morning, after waking up, with a sharp change in body position from horizontal to vertical can arise dizziness with vanishing of sight. Sometimes, in the period of fasting in the morning there is heartburn, regurgitation, mild nausea, discomfort in the stomach.

Preventive measures are reduced to a good cleanse the gastro-intestinal tract of laxatives and fasting at the beginning of the correct execution of daily bowel cleansing with enemas. Sometimes it may be increased convulsive readiness, manifested in the hands, feet, calves and neck, usually in the morning and at night. In this case, take into 5 grams of table salt dissolved in 1 cup of water (about half a teaspoon).

Always worth remembering that starvation, even short-term — a serious procedure, and it is necessary to approach it with a full understanding of what is happening. Furthermore, starvation is not for everyone.

For example, for fast, there are a number of contraindications:

  • severe encephalopathy;
  • drastic depletion;
  • cancers;
  • cirrhosis;
  • parasitic diseases;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • dementia;
  • somatic disease exacerbation;
  • acute ischemic disease the heart;
  • organic heart disease and kidney disease;
  • acute tuberculosis;
  • diabetes;
  • Basedow disease (Hyperthyroidism);
  • blood diseases;
  • infectious arthritis.

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