Crop circles are now in Lipetsk?

One of the greatest mysteries on Earth, are considered to be crop circles. Similar patterns can be found throughout the world, although most of them (about 90%) are in England.

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It was here in 1972, was recorded the first laps. However, there is untested evidence that crop circles have appeared earlier in other parts of the world. To date, as of 2012 there were more than 9,000 of the mysterious figures.

The origin of these communities are still not known. Scientists from around the world t racking their brains over who and what creates strange drawings in the margins.
Something similar to the circle phenomenon described in his treatises scientist Robert Plot (1686). The work described the scientist figures in the form of a circle or a rectangle that suddenly appeared on the peasant fields.

According to the Raft answer to this mystery of nature hiding in the lightning, in his view crop circles appeared after discharge into the ground got the ball lightning, and rectangular patterns emerged from the fact that the land of ordinary lightning fell, hitting the ground at a certain angle. Also influenced by religion, some scholars are inclined to believe that the crop circle is the work of the devil, who hates the human race, and thus sends the peasant fields curse.

Modern scientists also can not come to a consensus about the origin of these drawings, for this reason put forward by a number of different (and often absurd) ideas. The most popular in the world of the night is the hypothesis that the circles are due to the advent of various atmospheric phenomena. This version was invented and proved scientist Colin Andrews.

However, most people are far from science believe that the following is a UFO landing sites. The proof of this version also provides information that is not far from the community is very often seen strange flying objects. However, even a version with aliens is not as original as the idea that the circles create swarms of ants.

The most likely theory is the same version that the drawings in the margins are the result of a yet unexplored electromagnetic activity.

Unfortunately, to date, scientists have more questions than answers. But do not despair, for these things more secrets hiding our planet, the more fun we live.

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