Cuckoos learned to repaint eggs, tossed into the wrong slot

A team led by Mary Cassie Stoddard from the Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge found that the art of cuckoos by forging their own eggs should continue to grow as the birds to which the egg tosses, in turn, improve the mechanism of protection against nahlebnicheskih eggs. According to the "Around the World", the results of the study were published in the journal Evolution.

Notes to the rightful owners of nests could not distinguish eggs thrown up on their own, learn to assimilate the cuckoo egg coloring those to whom they throw them. Scientists have developed a way to see these eggs "bird's eye" to determine how strong resemblance to their point of view.

If the bird can not be identified cuckoo egg, then eventually hatchling throws all the other residents of the nest "overboard" and is the only of its inhabitants, so that the birds had to develop a mechanism to protect against invaders, in order to save their own eggs from such a sad fate. The more developed the birds protection mechanism, the better the Cuckoo fake eggs, and so on in a vicious circle. And research has shown that different species of birds can recognize foreign eggs with varying degrees of success, and the cuckoo, respectively, the "fake" eggs with varying degrees of accuracy.

The scientists also found that the reed warbler are taught by their relatives how to protect the nest from parasitic cuckoos. It is believed that the cuckoo picks for the posterity nests only those birds eggs which is known, and there are lines of female cuckoo, parasitic on certain species of birds. Cuckoo in the nest often break kamyshovok throw away one of the eggs and instead enclose your own.

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