Czech Defense Ministry decided to keep armed with tanks T-72M4

Czech Defense Ministry decided to keep armed with tanks T-72M4

According disk imaging "Jane's Defence Weekly," first of August this year, MO Czech Republic decided (in accordance with the advice posted in April, "White book on defense") to keep in the country's armed forces 30 modernized T-72M4 MBT 2025, in other words, until the expiration of their term of service.

NE Czech Republic implemented a modernization program from 30 MBT T-72CZ M4 to repair plant VOP-025 (Novi Jicin). The total price of the contract is 156 million dollars.

Immediately to improve the monetary situation in the sphere of defense MO Czech Republic plans to sell 100 T-72 MBTs, which have not been upgrading and are in storage.

The decision was made over the objections of the opposition, which called to follow the example of Slovakia, whose government in July announced plans MBT productions available for long storage or sell them due to the reduction in defense spending.

According disk imaging "Jane", the Ministry of Defence of Slovakia on July 19 announced the decommissioning of 30 upgraded MBT T-72M1. Since the beginning of 2011, the defense ministry in Slovakia had already sold 37 MBT T-72 and the end of the year plans to sell the remaining 30 MBT T-72M1.

The discussion about the fate of the upcoming MBT T-72 was developed in the Parliament Czech Republic. Part of the parliamentarians said that the planned follow-on year budget does not allow storage tanks in the Sun At the same time, according to Command, support the upgraded tanks will not have a significant impact on defense spending.

With all of this because of the huge number of unnecessary MBT offered in the secondary market, even the sale of modernized T-72M4 is not allowed to bail out heavily.

With the modernization of the MBT T-72M1 to the version of the T-72M4, which was carried out in order to increase security, agility and firepower of the tank while maintaining a 125-mm smoothbore gun, were used components produced in Israel, Italy, the UK and the U.S.. The remaining 100 MBT T-72M1 not been modernized, and before the sale is required to hold their recovery and repair. Formerly part of the Czech Republic has put extra MBT T-72M1 in Slovakia and Georgia.

After the end of the "cold war" virtually every European country has reduced the number of MBT in the Sun At the same time, according to the military professionals, tanks own unique abilities in both offensive and defensive operations in and are one of the few weapons systems that may very well be applied in the process of fighting various degrees of intensity, including peacekeeping operations. MBT have proved to be effective in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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