DARPA wants to build a weapon disappearing electronics

DARPA wants to build a weapon disappearing electronics 

Many probably beheld, like in the movies about spies and video messages self-destruct after playing. The latest James Bond movie film iconic character, thanks to the efforts of engineers, got a gun that fires only when it holds a particular winner ultramodern weapons.

Something similar wish to get in their use of South American military, who believe that the gun left on the battlefield, under no circumstances should benefit the enemy.

Problem developers who want to take part in the latest programmke Vanishing Programmable Resources (VAPR), make electrical stuffing that would self-destruct in 6 seconds.

Oh, so explain in a press release its intention to representatives of the Agency for Defense promising research developments USA (DARPA). Smart electric inside various devices used by modern armies, so cheap to manufacture, which is now very widely vserasprostranena.

As a result, after the battle of technical devices can be fragments littered the entire territory carnage. All this equipment is needed in battle, but to track and kill (or return) each «smart» accessory unreal. Meanwhile, the developed technology could fall into the hands of the enemy, and can be applied for the creation of similar or the same technology (depending on the degree of damage) retaliatory former owner of valuable equipment.

Is not it better if the device simply disappear? Clearly, they may not completely dissolve in the surrounding space, it is not yet engineers capable. But developers to fully afford to deprive them of the «brain», in other words, the main operating parts.

Charge in each device will not put valuable, and it is not dangerous. But the «vanishing» electronics, which is dissolved by natural causes, already invented. However, while it only tipped a huge future in medicine.

Microchips made within applets VAPR, should work just fine and save the higher the strength in normal conditions, but if necessary, in part or one hundred percent decay mingling with the environment and not allowing the case stumbled on enemy weapon to use it.

«Everything is now developing commercial products designed for everyday use, fairly durable and can work on almost endlessly. DARPA finds method to force the electronics work as much as needed. Signal beginning of the process of self-destruction can be sent to a device from the command pt «- says coordinator applets Dr. Alicia Jackson (Alicia Jackson).

By role in the program are invited engineers and researchers who work with the materials, devices, manufacturing and integration processes, ready to make a revolutionary methodology and able to constructively change the ability of «vanishing» electronics. Eventually, scientists will have to do a demo technology, some standard biomedical detector or sensor criterion environment, which will be able to communicate with a remote user.

«DARPA previously showed that vanishing electronics can fight infections in surgical interventions. Now we want to make the revolutionary class electronics for different systems, whose disappearance does not provide for immersion in water. It is a hard task, but we rely on a multidisciplinary approach to its solution. Commands can be useful to specialists in industrial production, integration and design. Material scientists will need to make appropriate substrate. In general, for making innovatorskih place will be enough, «- concludes Alicia.

Add that at the same time in the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense has decided to hold a competition for the creation of scientific publications similar developments for the Russian army. Fees medalists naturally modest, but the beginning of the work should be.

Julia Rudy

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