Defense attacks the Internet

Defense storms Internet

Ministry of Defense tender was held to update the hardware and software for its own official web. Two companies have applied for a role in this competition, they offered the job done for $ 56 and 58 million rubles. The results will become clear in February. Noteworthy that one of the companies participating in the contest, in 2011, was created by the existing version web military. The Ministry of Defence then a cost of 36 million rubles.

According to the documents, the main task of the new web is to build a positive relationship to the activities of the Ministry of Defence. To perform this tasks were ordered best network and server equipment: 16 servers with 200 GB of RAM and a six-core microprocessors, HDD storage to 200 terabytes, and tape storage and backup copies of archives a 1200 TB.

According to experts in information technologies, this is quite enough, that website could immediately take over 10 million people. With all of this live video will be available regardless of the speed of communication and the property drawings for 1-5 million users at once, 100 thousand people will be able to work with a database and search engine, and several thousand users will be able to play online games in three dimensions.
Andrew Sozykin who is the director of "Corinth" incomprehensible choice of road system, which allows to work with databases of MS SQL Server (the market price of a single license costs 30-50 thousand dollars). How Sozykin said, now many web resources using the system MySQL, open source, which also is free. He submitted that the decision is related to the intentions to further develop the already existing database, hence the choice of MS SQL Server.

He added that the equipment, which the military said, can be compared with those that are very informative online portals.
Victor Ryasno for the Department of Information Technology, outlined the main purpose of such re-equipment, which is to collect all the available network resources of the military department on its server. He explained that now power platforms, which are used for services web, small, which is why need their own space, made with the latest technology.

According to the "main IT specialist," the Ministry of Defense, at the moment attendance web per day is about 40-60 thousand people. During the peak period traffic achieves 130 thousand visitors. Creating your own server database will allow the website to take up to 10 million people at once.

But it is not clear why they need such a huge number of people, in general, and the military itself can not give about clear answer. According to Igor Konashenkova engaged in filling the resource, after the database has been updated on the website of the military department may be located simulators of planes, ships, tanks, also organized events for testing new weapons, maneuvers, firing. Maybe specifically for this purpose by the Ministry of Defence and the equipment was purchased in such numbers.

It is planned that the website will be located documents and services that posodeystvuyut officers watching to see how the construction of apartments, book trips to resorts also get a variety of information. To protect against break-ins are provided by the system hardware firewalls and firewalls.

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