Defense bought from the MZ 36 systems Tornado-G

Defense bought from the "MZ" 36 systems "Tornado-G"

Defense Ministry signed with JSC "Motovilikhinskiye factory" supply agreement in force 36 multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) "Tornado-G", told journalists Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

In February, the head of the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the formation of the state defense order for 2012 year Ministry of Defence refused to purchase equipment the Army, which does not meet the requirements of the Armed Forces, or tests that have not been completed. In the "abandoned" list then included 36 combat aircraft missile systems "Tornado-G" in the amount of 1.16 billion rubles, but Serdyukov promised to see the possibility of recovery of this order in the event of a successful end to the first half of 2012 tests MLRS "Tornado-G".

"The contract for a batch of 36 MLRS" Tornado-G "we have already concluded this year, more do not plan to," — said Serdyukov, responding to the corresponding question.

Earlier, a source in the Defense Russia reported to RIA announcements that Russian Defense Ministry expects to increment the volume of purchases of armored cars "Lynx"During the period from 2013 to 2015 with a planned 727 to 3 thousand units.

Speaking about the need for Russian Ground Forces armored vehicles "Lynx"Serdyukov said that the army needs more than 3 tyschah such vehicles.

"The need is not even a 3 tyschah (armored cars"Lynx"), And more, as valuable to us — is the safety of personnel. Armoured vehicles to have a very fundamental direction, and in the coming 3 years, we need to localize the creation of" Lynx "to 70 percent, and that's not too far screwdriver assembly" — Serdyukov said.

Armored combat vehicles, "Lynx" (Russian variation licensed Italian armored vehicles Iveco LMV M65) carried out a joint Russian-Italian company in Voronezh.

The co-production of armored vehicles in Voronezh Our homeland and Italy signed in December 2011. Earlier in the Russian Federation were introduced four such machines, which participated in the conduct of comparative trials with Russian counterparts.

According to the Defense Russia, their properties are better than those of machines that are in service with the Russian army.

LMV M65 armored vehicle created in 2001 by Defence Vehicles, which comes of the Italian Iveco. This machine a second class of protection, it is armed with panels of clay armor. According to the manufacturer, "Lynx" withstand the undermining of a bomb under the wheel or the bottom of a capacity of 6 kg of TNT. Capacity of machines — 5 people fighting weight — 6.5 tons, the highest towing capacity — 4.2 tons in store range — 500 km.

JSC "Motovilikhinskiye factory" was founded in 1736 as a copper smelter and has become one of the core companies of Perm. Holding connects voedinyzhdy metallurgical complex and the number of areas of engineering, in which the creation of a variety of oilfield equipment, road construction equipment and military equipment, as its own design bureau civilian and special machine.

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