Defense buys Italian armored cars and a disgrace in competition with Russian Tigers

Defense buys Italian armored cars and a disgrace in competition with Russian "Tigers"Italian armored vehicles IVECO LMV lost in competition with the Russian analogue of GAZ-233014 ("Tiger"), But the Defense Ministry is not going to turn away from their purchases. Videos from winter testing got at the disposal of the publication" Capital Komsomolets. "It is seen as both cars will start immediately, but after 10-15 minutes IVECO slows down and stops, while "Tiger"Continues to move on.

Recall that the two standards Defence purchased two years back, but the tests were only in the winter of 2010. At the same time the Office categorically denied the purchase of these machines for the Russian army. Meanwhile, at the end of May, the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov looked in Italy IVECO presentation concern and said that the Russian Federation will be set creation LMV.

Meanwhile, the decision raises a lot of questions, if you associate the two machines — Russian and Italian. The main advantage to the Russian analogue of LMV — GAZ-2330 "Tiger" — the ability to protect the crew from mines and roadside bombs laid on the roads of the Caucasus, said a representative of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation. The expert stressed that, in contrast to the "Tiger" Italian APC equip bronekapsuly of special light armor that the explosion on the road or falling machinery remains intact.

At the same time the firm manufacturer of "Tigers" highlighted that the armored vehicles of the 5th grade protection, and means it can withstand a direct hit from all types of small tools. But so equipped machines for the Interior Ministry and the military "Tigers" have only a third level of protection.

With all of this Russian armored car three times cheaper than the Italian counterpart, which will cost Defense 300 thousand euros. In general, Russian experts say that for such funds could be to equip and "Tigers" more perfect protection, but Defense initially did not put forth similar requirements. At the same time, the military began to talk now about what seat in the Italian armored cars more convenient.

It should be noted that not long ago solved the problem with the engine to "Tigers". Previously, it ran under license from the United States, which, under the contract, Our homeland could not be used for military purposes. The Forum "Engineering Technologies" which was not so long ago, in Zhukovsky, Russia was shown the new engine.

This year we plan to make an upgraded model of the "Tiger", which will stand in the new engine, and your 6th grade protection. And yet the non-procurement of Italian art is not expected.

Specialists advance several versions. Some believe that such makarom Our homeland wishes to encourage foreign partners. Others assume it's all about price, because for LMV 300 thousand euros will give a big pullback.

Expressed as the version according to which the military are simply trying to push the Russian producers to develop and produce competitive products. Some argue that the purchase of LMV — this is the result of internal war, manufacturers, when one tries to deprive another of the big state order.

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