Defense buys Italian helicopters, generalovozy for 630 million rubles

Defense buys Italian helicopters, "generalovozy" for 630 million rubles

New Deal of the Ministry of Defence has already led to the cancellation of a huge number of solutions ex-Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, namely the suspension of purchases of foreign technology, yet does not mean a complete rejection of this. It turned out that the Defense Ministry wants to buy helicopters game of Italian origin. Unlike other types of technology to change their Russian counterparts unrealistic.

Defense buys Italian helicopters, "generalovozy" for 630 million rubles

At the end of the year Defense intends to acquire more helicopters AW139 development of the Italian company AgustaWestland, a cost of 15-20 million dollars, "Vedomosti". According to the schedule for 2013 for placing orders for unclassified positions posted on the website of the Federal Agency for the supply of arms, to be held in February, the tender for the supply of 7 vehicles AW139. Put helicopters available in November for a further 630 million rubles.

Helicopters of this type are assembled from imported from other countries on the devices located in the suburban Tomilin joint venture ZAO "Helivert", established companies AgustaWestland and "Helicopters RF". According disk imaging on a website last flight of the first Russian AW139 assembly took place in December last year.

Recall that with the advent of the Defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu were revised huge number of decisions of its predecessor, namely, concerning the procurement of foreign technology. So, was suspended cooperation with Italy's Defence Vehicles — producer of "white-elephant", they do armored cars Iveco LMV M65 ("Lynx"). So Makarov, was made a bet on a family of Russian armored vehicles and new developments.

What's all the same for the continued production AW139 Tomilino and procurement of equipment for the war effort, the contradictions newcomer rate here Defense, apparently does not see. In 1-x, they are going to RF. In-2, he Shoigu said earlier that if it is necessary to take military equipment abroad in the absence of Russian counterparts, it will be manufactured.

In Russia at the moment is created helicopter near AW139 dimension — the Ka-62, noted, "Vedomosti". But competition from his fellow Italian is not planned, if the Ka-62 will be involved to a greater extent for the transport of troops and cargo in situations where the introduction of a lift helicopters Mi-8 and economically feasible, then the AW139 main task will be VIP-transport guideline composition, which is currently used as the Mi-8, said the source, "Vedomosti".

As a "generalovoza" AW139 is obviously better E-8 — the assembly in Russia its price is relatively low price and operation can be significantly lower than the E-8, the editor of the journal Moscow Defense Brief Mikhail Barabanov. With all this technical risks in AW139 less than the Ka-62, which has not yet made the first flight, the expert said.

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