Defense disbanded the Directorate of Combat Training

Defense disbanded the Directorate of Combat TrainingDisbanded Office responsible for preparing the army for war

On the very severe restructuring of the Ministry of Defense was clear on Friday. Point management combat training and service of troops, which was led by Lieutenant-General Valery Yevnevich, decided to disband. A number of professionals have expressed the notion that this will lead to bad consequences.

The staff of the central board as early as Thursday was declared a directive Chief of General Staff General Makarov on the Elimination of management and staff for the withdrawal of all the officers. The abolition connected with plans to transfer key management functions specific to the General Staff. A oversee issues battle training will be here, is expected to last commander of Military Region Metropolitan Gen.-General Valery Gerasimov.

In the same directive indicated that by February 1 to make a new Management Service troops and the safety of military service of the General Staff.

As the President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems Gen.-General Leonid Ivashov, the reorganization will lead to a complete failure in the army of planning and preparation.

— In GUBP are more experienced officers and generals, they develop and are kept under the control of military training. Staff also have a few other functions — strategic. There's no one will deal with departures to distant garrisons with inspections. All the more so that the management battle preparation for the General Staff will be in a very truncated version. This elimination means that our troops will not be prepared for combat.

At the same time, another source in the General Staff expressed a different point of view:

— It's just a regular course of reform that we passed. Information on the Elimination of GUBP was already a long time. In the management of highly overstaffed, and his work was assessed as to say the least, ineffective. Over the past decade — not the newest Manuals or range equipment or simulators …

Also, our sources in the Defense Ministry report that Valery Evnevich has already found a new place of work in the municipal bureaucratic apparatus.

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