Defense Forces will conduct exercises 4 fleets

Defense Ministry will hold a teaching by four fleetsLarge prazdnichek expects sailors at the end of January 2013
From the Russian Ministry of Defense came the news that at the end of the first month 2013 will be conducted large-scale exercises 4 fleets Russian Federation. Office reports that the maneuvers will take place at 2-seas: the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.
It should be noted that the standard of teaching in January 2013 year will be the biggest in the history of modern Russia. Similar exercises sailors have long waited and now dreams can come true in reality very recently.
The main objective of future large-scale exercises is that the sailors of various fleets will have to work out issues related to the creation of inter-species groups located outside Russia. During the exercises will be practiced practical ability to achieve a single set for the various fleets of purpose.
One of the most beautiful sections of the operation would have to be the episode with the landing of Marines and Navy personnel on a huge amphibious ships from the shores of the North Caucasus, which are not equipped with any appropriate infrastructure facilities. As they say the military itself, operation will be held in the criteria of pristine countryside, where no one had gone before the Russian paratrooper.
Only during the exercise will be held a few 10 s of operations of various kinds, including tactical spetsucheniya for launch and execution of military operations in the shooting of night and day criteria.
Already, some ships rushed to the exercises and should arrive by the middle of this month.
News of the exercises have become a real New Year gift for Russian sailors. Incidentally, some of them active in the time ready to start its own fleet operating procedures. While the whole country celebrated the New Year together with, launching Chinese sky lanterns and fireworks, military Baltic Fleet sailors plied the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. BDK "Kaliningradian" and "Alexander Shabalin" together with the patrol, "Yaroslav Mudry" prazdnichek met in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
The ships were more than four thousand nautical miles and have gained the Strait of Gibraltar facing fulfilled a number of tactical and combat operations in the criteria of the winter stormy sea. Seafarers held a series of exercises and anti-missile defense, and swimming in the so called warrant.

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