Defense goes on the defensive

Defense goes on the defensive

Held on June 21 at the State Duma hearings officially stated that the historical buildings of the Military Medical Academy (VMA) them. Kirov in St. Petersburg will remain with her. And they do not realize. In any case, for the foreseeable future. But military doctors do not believe in it.

"AN" earlier than once wrote about the dangerous plans of the War Department: after the construction of a new building for the VMA safely be auctioned historic walls. This was reported to the country's president and the State Duma deputies of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg. It seems that such a scandal got that Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov has decided to move away slightly.

"Buildings that are currently located in the center of town and around which rose hype, we are planning to throw at the Military Medical Academy," — said the head of the Department of Education Russian Defense Minister E. Priezzheva at a meeting of the State Duma Committee on Defense. It announces that the scientific potential of the Academy — doctors and teaching staff — to transfer from St. Petersburg in the other place was not planned. In the historic buildings in the center of town after the construction of the new complex will be in the archives, research library, museum and representative part. In Gorskoe where to build a new complex will translate only the clinical database.

In Defense has calculated that the new building complex will allow BMA to increment the number of patients taken from the current 180 thousand to 360 thousand people a year. To do this, build 32 operating rooms with new equipment. As along the narrow highway Primorsky there will get almost a third of millions of patients, Priezzheva timidly did not specify.

In the Academy itself claims representative Defense they believe not. "Now in St. Petersburg hosts the 36th Session of the global heritage of UNESCO. There has to open a discussion and a question of historical buildings WMA. We decided a little dull the scandal. After the construction of the complex in Sestrorezk can always find a reason to start to repair the building. And there 'or donkey dies, or Sultan dies. " So the structure still would get the mafia, which in their eyes put. We need a clear presidential decree or federal law. But so far there is none. A Priezzheva later utter — excuse me, what with my demand, I have long since left this office, "- said the" AN "senior military Doctor.

It is interesting that only recently the chief Priezzheva — Serdyukov read another. Responding to the request of the deputy of the State Duma, a favorite of the "Fair Russia" in St. Petersburg Oksana Dmitrieva, the minister writes: "In the execution of the order of President of the Russian Federation on May 20, 2010 … plans to build a functional federal medical center of the municipal educational institutions of higher education professor" Military Medical academy named after SM Kirov. " After the implementation of this project … and clinical training base, located on the territory of the Military Medical Academy named after SM Kirov (St. Petersburg), planned to relocate to honey center. "

So who says the truth — Serdyukov or his subordinate? Noteworthy that was present at a meeting of the Defense Committee acting chief of the medical service of the Academy, Colonel Andrew Bielski, after Priezzheva dumbfounded shook his head and said, "Why do I find out announcements about their own academy so Makarov?"

So probably by hook or by crook management Defense try to reach their own. Especially since the course of the liquidation of military medicine is carried out systematically and serially. In St. Petersburg, close several military hospitals. As told recognizable social activist Ivan Novikov, "we are talking about Vyborg, Kaliningrad hospitals; 442nd district hospital on Suvorov Avenue and the Naval hospital on the Fontanka River near Admiralty Shipyards".

Catchy — all of them are in popular areas on the expensive land in the beautiful historic buildings. Complicated and very moving story of a quixotic — not moving BMA says that Defense did not abandon their own plans, but just quickly gone on the defensive. To start later attack on all fronts.

It's greed!

State Duma deputy Valentin Romanov sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin (copy available in the edition).
"The weekly" Arguments Nedeli »№ 20 (312) from May 31, 2012 posted an article" Military-Medical Academy gave the order "to live long." We are talking about the decision of the Ministry of Defense to transfer the Military Medical Academy. SM Kirov from the center of the town of St. Petersburg in the suburbs — in the area of the airfield DOSAAF "Gorsky."

Masters warn of the dire consequences of this neobmyslennogo solutions: the inability to complement your brand new place qualified personnel strength of 15-20 thousand people, the deterioration of transportation of patients, the complication of the adoption of the critical measures of surgical care.

All that happens is the result of the 1st — zeal of some high-ranking officials to privatize earthy array occupied by the Academy in the center of town, in other words greed.

I ask you, pochetaemy Vladimir Vladimirovich, I personally understand what is happening and assist preserve a unique team of researchers, professors, and professionals in the Military Medical Academy. SM Kirov at the place where it works fine for many decades. "

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