Defense introduces new ways to test the reliability of the military

Defense introduces new methods of vetting personnel

In the Strategic Missile Forces entered purpose of mandatory checks on the "lie detector" for all the senior officials responsible for the "nuclear button". According to the "News", have already been tested 25 senior officers of the command echelon SRF. According to the results of testing they are admitted to the management of strategic nuclear weapon.

Polygraph examination "Barrier-14" is to find out from scanned addicted to alcohol and drugs, to assess their propensity to corruption and suicide. If something similar is recorded, the officer put out of work with a nuclear weapon until the circumstances. But so far no critical tendencies in missile was observed.

A total of 16 sets of rocket forces for verification. In any of them include: special chair, a notebook with a pencil attached to it wires, which are attached to the different sensors. There is even one in which the test-taker will have to sit — tremor-pad that will not lie, responsive to reduce muscle legs and buttocks. Such a set price — 200 thousand rubles.

Check polygraph — it volunteer — said the "News" assistant commander of the Strategic Missile Forces in educational work Colonel Andrei Filatov. — But in the case of failure to pass it to the military will be held explanatory conversation. We have quite other methods to determine the motivation of those or other decisions soldier.

Prior to testing, soldier signed a conciliation document, which defined the terms of questions that officer ready to respond. For instance, officer may abandon open a discussion on a polygraph their family relationships, religion, sexy attitude and even the experience of cooperation with Russian special services. After that start testing that regardless of the acquired response may last up to several hours, told "Izvestia" Filatov.

The first practical test in the Defense Ministry personnel on a "lie detector" was introduced in the 12th Main Directorate — the structure responsible for the transportation and storage of nuclear weapons. SRF finished second. In the future, the practice test on the "lie detector" can become mundane and in other offices and Command of the military. In particular, those associated with the procurement of material resources, technology and equipment.

By the end of 2010 in service SRF 375 missiles were 4 different types which could carry 1,259 nuclear warheads. In SRF is the latest development of missile technology — mobile complexes "Topol-M", as the new RS-24 "Yars". The result has been the growth requirements of both the professor and the moral and psychological training of officers.

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