Defense is ready to allocate 8.4 million rubles for the creation of a partition on the website

Defense is ready to allocate 8.4 million rubles to create partitions on the site

The Russian Defense Ministry is ready to allocate nearly 8.4 million rubles for the development section on their own website, where would provide information on the disposal of weapons and military equipment in 2011-2015, of the application should be posted on Friday at the portal of public procurement.

From the documents that the user must have access to the public as well as to protected resources under this section. Nick protected resources must be authorized.

With all of this in the public domain should be information about the program there (travel, sales, financing activities, competitions) and reports on its implementation, the main results of the research, legal documentation, technology utilization, announcements and contact information.

The subsystem must provide limited access, namely, administration of users subsystem (add, edit and delete), data entry, storage and retrieval of copies of documents on electrical recycling and disposal of weapons and military equipment.

Work on the creation of such section on the web site office should be performed in three steps until November 2014, according to the materials. Applications for the role in the tender will be accepted until June 19. Results of the competition is scheduled for July 19, 2012.

Earlier lavish waste of Defense to your own web site has lured close public attention. First Main Military Prosecutor's Office March (PRT) said that a criminal case under Article fraud on a large scale in the development of a refreshed website of the military department, which spent 36 million rubles.

Basically the military investigation department of the Investigative Committee of the newspaper "Kommersant" previously specified that deals with the theft of only 6 million rubles, but in the test results PRTs should still understand. How to check the GWP of materials, at the inception feasibility study and monitoring of the prices were not carried out, and the price of the work has been greatly exaggerated.

Later, a source in the Defense Ministry told RIA announcements that department allocated for the modernization and operation of the forthcoming own official website, as a whole, 90 million rubles.

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