Defense is stored centimeter

Defense is stored "centimeter"The plans of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for 2013 year is the holding of municipal testing and procurement of 152mm artillery ammunition corrected "Centimeter-M "for self-propelled howitzers," Acacia "and" MSTA. "

Among the advantages that behold the military in these shells in comparison with missiles — low cost and smallest size. With all this amazing properties missiles and corrected munitions are on the same level.

"Centimeter-M" — one of the few products of the Russian defense industry, which has shown a keen enthusiasm for the U.S. military, the "gaze". This development began in the days of the USSR, and in 1985 in Afghanistan, laser-guided bombs were used for the first time. On the basis of the introduction of military ordnance was perfected, and in 1994, the Research and Development Center U.S. Army (ARDEC) held talks with "STC" Ameteh "on joint work on the 155-mm projectile on the basis of" centimeter "for the American Howitzer M -109.

ARDEC has allocated 215 million dollars for completion of ammunition and a demonstration area for the United States. But in the same year, the Security Council of the Russian Federation and Defense blocked the deal and announced plans to buy "Centimeters M" for the Russian army. But for more than 20 years of research, design work and purchase items not allocated a single penny, explained to to "Amtehe."

The design of the munition "Centimeter-M" are not used gyroscopes. Its warhead weight coincides with the ordinary explosive projectile through the introduction of lighter engines. With all of this "Centimeter-M "on the first section of flies to the goal line on a ballistic movement as ordinary shell, and only at the end corrects hit.

According to a source in the defense industry publication, Americans still trying to acquire technology corrected shells and even awarded her the official title: Russian Conception Impulse Correction (RCIC) — "Russian concept of adjusting the pulse." Now, when Defense RF recalled these best Russian design, the chances to achieve this from the Yankees declined.

Adjustable artillery shell "Centimeter-M "is for the destruction of tanks, artillery, Fri communications and control bunkers, bridges range from 500 m to 20 km. With a length of 86 cm of its high-explosive piece weighs 41 kg. Maintain fire" centimeter-M "may not only a self-propelled howitzer 2S3 "Acacia" and 2S19 "MSTA", and towed 2A65, D-20 and ML-20.

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