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The Ministry of Defence was accomplished meeting of the head of the military department with representatives of leading Russian mass media. Information reason for it was the end of yet another step reform of the Armed Forces. But the conversation went beyond the scope of this topic and has affected all the nuances of life and activities of the Army and Navy. The meeting was held in the form of direct, benevolent conversation. All the questions journalists have received detailed answers, which we reproduce with some cuts.

-Anatoly E., you announced the completion of the formation of new military districts — united strategic commands (OSK). How will the interaction between them and the multiservice groups of troops stationed on the territory of USC?

— It's pretty severe issues faced by the General Staff. In the new surroundings made management planning to use troops and forces. Govern their specific commands surroundings. The new thing is that at the moment as the commander responsible for the preparation of mobilization of reserves in time of peace, and for their use in the event of war. Naturally, all the troops and the formation of a neighborhood on the ground under his control.

Defense Minister dot the i

— The President has put puzzle — make the transition lately Armed Forces to digital communications. Which links it to happen?

— Will it turn evenly all the links. But we have a few areas in this work. And the first — re-node communication. We plan to have them translated into a figure by the end of 2011.

There is good progress and mobile communications troop level. Until the end of 2010, we already have to get the first batch of new mobile systems and to transfer them to the army tests. Bulk purchases of the same will begin by the end of 2011. And for 2012, the plan to complete the upgrade of the entire fleet.

Those standards that we've got a good property. They can be said to have the sixth level with appropriate performance characteristics. And yet we, together with digital communication, apparently still retain and analog.

— It has been reported that the Ministry of Defense uses absolutely no reason or allocated funds for the purchase of arms and military equipment …

— The procurement of weapons, we at the moment, for example, can pay up to 100% of the advance. But the main amount is transferred, usually in several tranches, with different time intervals. But the last 20% disburse in December, when the contract is completed and delivered products. In such cases, sometimes it becomes possible to say that the Ministry of Defence Tipo delaying payments or for some reason do not absolutely consume the allocated funds. In fact, all this is quite explainable things — so does the money. I, for example, more than once appealed to the government: we have to have limits in October, so in November could make suitable tenders and auctions, and by the end of the year to conclude treaties. But usually occurs almost at the last day of the last quarter.

We have the right to fund up to 100% of the orders and the right to determine a single supplier. Although there are products which, for example, not counting the Sukhoi company, no issues. Because competition in such cases from time to time of a formal nature. Question exclusively in price. There is a certain procedure, and it must be respected. At the moment we made the Department of pricing, which is a completely independent body and carefully inspect all of these procedures, the numbers.

Allocated funds for the purchase of arms and military equipment, usually those involving one hundred percent. And if anything, for various reasons, and return, that is very rare. For example, last year, returned to the state unclaimed pension funds in the amount of 3 billion rubles. They were formed as a result of the fact that some older people ran across the military on civilians retirement. Naturally, these means were not applied. For other purposes was unreasonable for them to waste. In general, there is the state defense order, where all spelled correctly. There are annual contracts, there are going over 2-3 years. It is only necessary to do them correctly.
Enormous changes

— What is currently happening in the field of military education? When set to resume cadets and students, on what criteria they will be delivered to military universities? Certainly there for this to serve in the army or civilian graduate from university?

— In fact there is no such criterion. Our working group explored the experience of leading Western states in this field. There are a variety of approaches. Including such: a cadet may be a person who already has a college degree, or someone who has served active duty. But we do not litsezreem need to change the conditions of admission.

As for the modern education system, it will be different from the former more profound immersion in the subject, the subject of the study, more than the highest organization of the educational process and the quality of the real base, the selection of teaching staff. Meanwhile, in a number of civilian universities, we must admit, the level of education is higher than in the military. And we are aware of it, have already begun to invite then to military school teachers in some subjects.

With all this going consolidation of universities, adopted respectively programm. In parallel, we put in order training facilities, its laboratory component. Remember, if you have previously traveled to the practice of students in the army, in the near future that did not exist. A person could prouchitsya 5 years and never visit the teachings into practice in a full-blooded military unit. And later, getting to the actual conditions, lost, could not adjust. Future commander of the platoon still on the bench cadet must surely understand, than he will have to deal with the troops.

Defense Minister dot the i

With regard to recruitment in schools and academies, he paused for a few years — until 2012. This is explained by the presence of a fairly large number of officers, shall we say, uncritical age. The question is, what then train new, spending time and money?

Some officers, however, were quickly dismissed, although another 10-15 years could serve. We, by the way, at the moment this issue are passionate about. After all, many who want to continue their service in the Armed Forces. In addition, there are now certain specialties in which there is lack of experts. And we return those who were for the staff, even invite already laid off in store, we conclude treaties with them.

Adjustments to the number of officers of the army and navy are entered and coming to adopt new standards of AME. All this has to be considered.

— But Do not die over the years military science school?

— No. Military education reform itself have pushed for such changes. I said, as we have tried at one time to appoint the commander of the brigade of the number of teachers of the 1st of universities. Nothing came of it. The officers here have written reports on the dismissal. In other words, they are in a different beheld his appointment, I did not have them produced as a favorite, managing people and troops.

In the Communications Academy, for exam
ple, asked the 1st of teachers, which he had last position in the army. It turned out, the commander of the battalion communications. And those whom he teaches? Senior officers directly to the commander of the connection. But how and what it can teach a category of future officers?

I believe that the Department of universities, military conscription, military consulate should come people with severe experience and knowledge. If for some reasons can not serve as an officer in the army, but the Defense Department is valuable for his knowledge and experience, he may be invited to just such a position.

In short, I have no fear that we will lose the scientific Vuzovsky school. It is, incidentally, quite decently, take the same Military Space Academy Mozhaiskogo, the Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces named after Peter the stateliness and others. They collected the color of military science.

— How is the preparation of sergeants in the Ryazan Airborne School?

— It is carried out not only in him. We started to recruit people and to other universities for training sergeants. We try to provide them with a solid scholarship, all necessary for this study. But the selection is quite hard. Right now we are training about 2.5 thousand of future sergeants. Duration of training is different, depending on the specialty, Up to 2 years and 10 months. At the command — much less on the technical — more.

— Podmoskovnaya 5th Motorized Rifle Brigade, made on the basis of the Taman Division, serves as a kind of testing ground for modern techniques, testing new weapons and military equipment. There are in the Armed Forces still those wherein all introduced the most advanced, including, for example, the system of outsourcing, brand new sports uniforms, extra rest, other incentives for the personnel?

— These compounds are, of course, there is. Take a marine brigade in Vladivostok. It really has everything you listed, and in some measure, and more.

Lots of new here, as you know, and young people in the system of conscription for military service. We try very enter into it all the best. And while parents engage in the draft, and the public. In the last draft campaign around 700 different events held. About 3 thousand parents accompanied their own sons to places of service.

Now there are no restrictions on the introduction of new progressive forms and methods of work with recruits. Just think, for our military commissars, commanders, commanders of military districts need a certain transitional period to reconsider the changes taking place. We constantly raise these issues and on the boards of the Ministry of Defense.

Lobbying interests SOLDIERS

— Worthy currency composition of troops, providing housing for those in need — social nuance of military reform. But in the draft budget for the following year, which was posted on one of the websites that do not reflect the planned increase in the currency of servicemen from 1 January 2012. How to explain this?

— We have a budgeting system is constructed in such Makar, we typeset the number of three years, but worked out in detail only the first year. Because on this day there are collated budget for 2011, as well as limits on it.

As for 2012, we have an awareness of the overall number. That being said, it is now hard to say right. But it is the current practice, and therefore in the project so far said nothing about the foreign exchange contentment. And since the law has not been adopted, under it, of course, can not be allocated funds.

Their proposals to the draft budget, we have brought back in late April — May 2010. And lately, I think, a modified version of the bill will be. In what form — time will tell. While the proposal of the Ministry of Defence considered relevant committees and commissions of the government.

— As is the case with the implementation of orders of the president of ensuring apartments discharged to the troops in store?

— With regard to housing, the situation was. There seems to be two lines. One, it includes those who are in it since 2005, had to close until January 2010. Accordingly, after my destination for the position, I almost said in the first interview, which will provide housing for these same people.

Soon everyone on the web of the officer will be able to see how traffic is queued to "housing"

But at the moment the queue is increased by the officers who were laid off or orgshtatnym activities or superannuation, health, etc. Yet we have no fear that their problems will arise to give the apartments. This is evidenced by the number introduced into the system of the home. We plan, as was announced at the board of the Ministry of Defense in 2008, to take in the coming two years by 45 thousand apartments, including buying them from a variety of sources. This schedule is maintained. Moreover, in 2010, will be put not 45, and about 52 thousand apartments.

In addition, some of the apartments in the garrisons abandoned by us derived from the corporate fund. There are a lot of soldiers who want to privatize them. This is the case, for example, in Solnechnogorsk. And we are approaching this issue officers. I repeat that we have no fear that the Ministry of Defence does not fulfill its obligations.

If you look at the place, which was formed in the near future, it is — a living organism, and sometimes it appears the different preferences. Thus, by the end of this year, we will send a waiting list of about 40 thousand notices for a home. But does everyone agree on the proposed options? It's hard to say. This well, on the one hand, that there is a choice officer. But someone has to pick someone for a variety of events and circumstances change his decision to reside in or otherwise subject Russian Federation. In each case has to understand, to delve into the essence of the matter. This is reflected in the implementation schedule.

— You believe that in a year or two this plan will also be carried out regularly?

— Before 2013, funds have already been laid, we will continue to build. So at the same time, our work is not finished. Also decide at the moment and really quite an old housing difficulties of those officers who have been laid off a few years back and stand in line in the subjects (municipalities) Russian Federation. We further distinguish the municipal housing certificates (GLM), closely cooperating with other agencies. Recently, we plan to get a few hundred GLM for these people.

You see, the work in this area is good enough. Recently, for example, new residential towns adopt in St. Petersburg (about 5 thousand units) and Vladivostok (about 2.5 thousand units). Established the post of deputy minister of defense, who oversees these issues created by the Department of housing is formed by a single queue. Soon every officer even Webu able to see how the movement is this queue, which objects shall, as they look.

— You mentioned that some officers of supplies run across on civilian pensions. As can be seen, the decision prepyadstviya pensions for military personnel as opposed to housing no harsh shifts?

— In our bill we are prepared correctly stated his position on this issue. Wished to emphasize: I'm not supporter of any way to prejudice the interests of the military elderly. I do not have this desire, as there is none of his 1st Officer of the Ministry of Defence. On the contrary, we have for the fact that the people who have given many years of service to the Fatherland were decent pensions. The question is: how can it now be a monetary point of view. And the fact that so long discussion of the bill passes, just connected with the search for sources of funding.

We believe that the principle and the approach that existed before (the pension should be linked to the size of the existing foreign exchange
allowances for officers), are justified. Another question is how to do it? Or to schedule a certain transitional period, or immediately. But again, everything comes down to money. We in this matter lobbyists. We will continue to lobby for the interests of the military elderly, as it can be. Because such proposed Myagenko option — make a certain transitional period: one year, two, three … If you do not link to anything, it does not explain any current officers who, it will take time, too, will be retired and will fall into the same trap, or those who are already in such a capacity. I think this is, of course, is unfair. But as long as there is no final decision on which design the brakes.

— But, apparently, to January 1, 2012 decision should be taken in any way?

— According to the latest least for the moment task is exactly the case. Unless, of course, does not appear any introductory associated with, say, the economic, monetary crisis with something else. While, again, there is quite an active discussion and finding solutions prepyadstviya specifically to the designated deadline. But what else is it?

If you remember, we stated at the outset that start in determining the final figures to the size of the monetary allowance lieutenant that, I think, is true. Called its size. But what will it be in the end? In the various departments of this is, while different eyes. We wish all the same to defend its position and the numbers that have been declared by us. Practically speaking, they can also be seen as part of a new species of the Armed Forces. Now the Army and Navy conducted a very tough event and I think it is fair to keep the main reference point of all those characteristics mentioned. And already from their respective dance on.

Contenders "Mistral"

— You do not so long ago returned from China, where participated in the meeting of the intergovernmental commission on military-technical cooperation. Our homeland is no risk by selling the latest Chinese technology and weapons? Does our country to supply them tanks, multiple rocket launchers?

— Tanks, as well as multiple rocket launchers, they are not necessary. They motivate aircraft engines, aircraft, new air defense system. Were requested to expedite delivery of air defense missile systems. But we can not promise that: previously been slated for 2017.

— In what at the moment is able to tender for helicopter carrier "Mistral"? And why, exactly is "Mistral" — other proposals have been received?

— At the moment, these proposals were received from the Koreans, Spaniards, Germans. Completely may be that will go to the same of other countries. We, of course, all of them will accept, consider. Work in this direction is underway. Part of the application is very detailed, right up to the proposals ZIPam, crew training, etc. But some are only approximate dates and amounts.

It seems that until the end of November, we will determine the solution, and by the end of the year will take it all. To stress that we essentially get a ship that is called, packed to the max — with control systems, weapons-based training.

— Our home purchase at this time part of IWT in Israel, namely drones. And that with the creation of these and our other samples of AME?

— Yes, we have signed a number of agreements with the Israelis. If the Russian manufacturers offer us adequate analogues with good tactical and technical characteristics, that we enjoy them would be getting. But so far, no one offers what we desire.

— What is the situation with the supply of the army of machines "Tiger"? Or the Ministry of Defense still leaning toward purchasing "Iveco"?

— We buy the "Tigers". "Iveco" do not buy. But take a few machines in order to check how they behave in our criteria, test ranges. If we are satisfied with this machine, it is likely that it will go about establishing a joint production of this equipment in Russia.

— During your visit to the United States reached an agreement on mutually beneficial military-technical cooperation. On what fronts it will develop?

— We have agreed with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates that within a month they will send to the address suggestions. They affect different nuances of interaction. Including military education, medicine, the military-technical sphere, exchange of experience of fighting in Afghanistan, missile defense, joint exercises … Let's see, with all to agree. But I got the impression that Americans are interested in this. Not so long ago, we met with the U.S. ambassador and he confirmed that the Ministry of Defence of our proposals received, produced a corresponding decision.

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