Defense Ministry approved the project Armata

Defense Ministry approved the project "Armata"The Ministry of Defense has approved the technical project the heavy armored platforms "Armata" on the basis of which will be created and promising basic battle tank. On this, as reported by with reference to the ITAR-TASS news agency, said the head of the Head Armored Directorate of the Ministry of Defence Maj. Gen. Alexander Shevchenko.

"It meets all the requirements, which filed the military department at the technical project" — said Shevchenko, adding: "In three years we'll see the product in the metal." The project has been "Uralvagonzavod". The representative of the Defense Ministry said that the Ministry is satisfied with the work taking place in accordance with the planned schedule. "Get the military machine, but I have at the moment is not referred to the tank ", — said Shevchenko.

In the middle of February 2012 reported that "Uralvagonzavod" wants to make the first model of the tank "Armata"In 2013, and its batch creation and delivery to the troops — to begin from 2015. In April 2011, Lieutenant-General Yuri Kovalenko, past the first deputy head of the cerebral Armored Directorate Ministry of Defense, told:" The Armed Forces will have a new principal tank, with a fundamentally new tactical and technical characteristics, with the new automatic ammunition feed, a division of the crew, with the removal of ammunition. "

Details on the new project while unidentified. Presumably, in the autoloader tank made for the project "Armata, "Will be 32 shells for different purposes. Machines will be in the development of applied production acquired in the implementation of other projects, including the" Object 195 "and" Dark Eagle "." Armata "- project a universal platform for various armored vehicles, including a tank support combat vehicle and self-propelled artillery.

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