Defense Ministry denied the information on the refusal of the GLONASS

Defense Ministry denied the information on the refusal of the GLONASS

Defense Russia's called reality is not relevant media reports that it refuses to accept Tipo-up gallakticheskuyu GLONASS.

Media on Friday said that the Ministry of Defence refuses to accept commissioned and prepared for combat duty GLONASS satellite navigation system. As a prerequisite called the degradation of the satellite constellation and the lack of safeguards to maintain it, even in such an incomplete state.

"To some media about the failure of the Defense Ministry Tipo take gallakticheskuyu system GLONASS in operation do not correspond to reality, "- said the representative of the journalists of the press service and disk imaging Defense The Russian Federation.

Defense Ministry spokesman referred to an incorrect statement of "staging system GLONASS on duty in the Armed Forces ", which was used by the media.

He noted that the absence of a formal legal instrument of acceptance of the GLONASS system in operation does not preclude its use by consumers of all categories.

At the current time, part of a constellation GLONASS comes gallakticheskih 29 vehicles, 23 of which are used for the intended purpose, one is undergoing flight tests, and 5 are located in the orbital reserve.

"Such a part of a constellation GLONASS now allows access to the system for the entire country Russian Federation", — said the representative of the military.

He added that system GLONASS is a state gallakticheskoy global positioning system dual purpose, performing tasks in the interests of consumers civilians and Russian law enforcement agencies, including the Defense Ministry.

Receiving and processing functions GLONASS now implemented in most navigation devices all leading global navigation equipment developers and consumers extensively used in the world.

"In accordance with the Russian government approved the federal motivated applets" Maintenance, development and implementation of the GLONASS system for the period 2012-2020 years ", the task of deploying constellation GLONASS vested in the Federal Space Agency, and its management is provided by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation ", — said the representative of Defense The Russian Federation.

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