Defense Ministry improves system of foreign exchange for servicemen

Russian Defense Ministry improving military pay system

In connection with the transition from January 1 2012 year at the latest monetary allowance system, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation developed appropriate orders governing the payment of a number of military kazhdomesyachnyh allowances in accordance with accepted at the end of 2011 and early 2012 , the regulations of the federal level.

The main goal of this work is to create an effective incentive system in the interests of high-quality personnel perform their service obligations, and the upcoming Professor career regardless of specificity in the types of services and arms.

Namely, in July 2012, After registration in the Ministry of Justice on the right to pay kazhdomesyachnoy allowances for special merits in the service of the soldiers serving under contract in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the monetary authorities in the Ministry of Defense initiated an accrued gain appropriate designated categories of servicemen.

Thus, the gain in the amount of 60% of the salary for military posts identified students of the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, having good and excellent marks in a month of training.

There are allowances for military personnel and the number of managerial, faculty and research staff of the military educational institutions of higher and further education professor, staff research organizations. For this category of servicemen kazhdomesyachnye additional payments to the foreign exchange allowances are determined depending on the availability of a scientific degree of the candidate or doctor of sciences — from 3000 to 7000 thousand rubles, respectively. From 40 to 60% of salary at the military post will also receive military educators and experts at holding positions of professors and associate professors.

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and increasing physical fitness of military personnel for the implementation of evidence or sports categories military-applied sports and the presence of specific sports titles, kazhdomesyachnye gain regardless of the skill level of physical training range from 15 to 100%.

Also, military sniper units of military units trained or enrolled in special programs when fire training, will receive kazhdomesyachnuyu increase to 70%.

Due to the fact that payment indicated increment provided on January 1, 2012, its calculation will be carried out with an appropriate recalculation.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry had issued orders governing the payment of allowances kazhdomesyachnyh for years of service, with the class qualification (qualification category) for his work with information which is municipal secret, for special conditions of military service, to perform tasks specifically related to the risk of life and health in peacetime, for special merits in the service, and a real help and premiums for honest and efficient performance of official obligations.

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