Defense Ministry ordered 100 helicopters Killer Whale

Russian Defense Ministry has ordered one hundred helicopters "Killer Whale"The Ministry of Defence has ordered about 100 promising multi-purpose military transport helicopters Ka-60 "Grampus"Aviation Week reported with reference to the words of the director of the holding" Helicopters RF"Dmitry Petrov. At the current time," Kamov "assembles 2-prototype helicopter one of whom will join the flight test program there in 2012.

Development of Ka-60 began in the 1980s. By the time the true test flight in the program participates one layout. In June 2010, another layout crashed during ferry flight from the factory, "Kamov" on the test site in Zhulebino. At the current time, according to Petrov, "Kamov" has focused on the development of the Ka-60, also produced in the civilian version — the Ka-62. As expected, the mass creation of "Orcas" will begin in 2015.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said that in the period from 2011 to 2013 year "Helicopters of the Russian Federation"Will receive 12.2 billion rubles for the implementation of the project Ka-60/62, as the new languid transport helicopter Mi-38. According to the plans of holding "Helicopters of Russia," Ka-62 will be certified in 2015-2016, then the machine will be supplied to customers.

The Ka-60 will be able to reach speeds of up to 300 km per hour to fly a distance of 770 km. Helicopter is designed to carry up to 14 paratroopers or cargo weighing up to 2.8 tons. The peculiarity of the Ka-60 is that it is the first helicopter traditional single-rotor design, made "Kamov". According to calculations by EDB, the use of such schemes is justified, as the hovering Ka-60 will be only one percent of the total flight time.

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