Defense Ministry prepared a new draft law On Military Police

Defense Ministry prepared a new draft law "On Military Police"The Ministry of Defence has prepared a draft law on the development of the military police. This was on October 10 the newspaper "Kommersant".

The bill includes creation in the armed forces of the new unit, which will investigate the violations and the enforcement of sentences of military, supervision of military discipline, security, and military command and control facilities, road safety in the armed forces. In addition, the brand-new structure will be able to participate in counterterrorism operations.

Meanwhile, the activities of intelligence services is not limited only to the military department. Namely, the military militia area will be able to beleaguer civilian objects in consultation with the Interior Ministry in the aftermath of disasters, persecution or investigation, or to prevent riots. Cordon and allowed houses to "ensure the safety of people."

The project provides for amendments to a number of laws, including the laws "On Police", "On Operational Investigative Activities" and "Defense". According disk imaging of the newspaper "Kommersant", prepared Defense bill was sent to the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office, the Federal Security Service and other security agencies for approval. Further planned to transfer it to the government and then to the State Duma. It is expected that the military militia will be December 1 2012 year.

The idea of the creation of the military police in Russia vorachivalis not once, but none bill was not adopted because of criticism from the Ministry of Defense or State Duma. In 2009, reported the development of a new division in 2010, but then Defense stated that the question has not worked. According to "Kommersant" in the summer of 2011, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that the military police will be created before the end of the year. About the latest start date structure — December 1, 2012 — said in July 2012 the Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov.

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