Defense Ministry stopped the training of officers

Russian Defense Ministry has suspended the training of officersA set of students in higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has been suspended. This was August 30, ITAR-TASS reported.

As explained by Deputy Chief of Staff Defense Tamara Fraltsova, the decision is justified surplus of officers and the lack of corresponding positions in the military. According to her, at the moment graduation of officers exceeds the number of available positions in four.

A set of cadets in military universities put on hold for current and future years. Existing cadets of military schools continue their studies and after graduation enlisted in the Armed Forces.

The intention Defense Russia to stop the training of officers, it became clear at the end of June. It was reported that instead of officers from September 1 2010 year, they will begin to teach Prof. sergeants on average programmke professor of education.

At the same time it was noted that most of the graduates of the Military Institute Defense RF 2010 year received "free certificates" and were dismissed in store. At the same time, according Fraltsovoy in 2010 year universities Defense Russia finished 15 thousand students and they all eventually got military positions.

Note that according to some data, the number of officers in the armed forces of the Russian Federation at the moment is about 355 thousand people.

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