Defense Ministry successfully tested a ballistic missile Blue

Russian Defense Ministry has successfully tested a ballistic missile "Blue"From a strategic nuclear submarine of the Northern Fleet made a successful launch of a ballistic missile "Blue", reports RIA announcements referring to representatives of the Russian Navy.

Who is on duty at sea submarine missile (project 667BDRM "Dolphin"), a spokesman said, the evening of Friday, August 6, made a modernized missile launch "Blue" at a distance of about 10 thousand kilometers on range "Kur" in the Far East.

Head of RSM-54 "Blue" hit a notional target. Problem on working full-time weapon naval strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation made absolutely singled out by representatives of the Navy RF.

"Interfax" referring to the officials of the Defense Ministry, said that the launch of 2-ballistic missile submarine was made with "Tula".

With three-stage intercontinental alternate location steps ballistic rocket Third Generation RSM-54 "Azure"Comes in the missile complex D-9RM, reminds RIA announcements. Missile system D-9RM with a missile RSM-54 was adopted in 1986. In 1996, the creation of the RSM-54 was discontinued.

In 1999, it was decided to resume production of the upgraded version of the RSM-54 "Azure. "Upgraded rocket successfully passed flight tests and in July 2007 was adopted by the Navy RF.

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