Defense Ministry wants to buy an additional batch of overseas UAV

Russian Defense Ministry intends to buy an additional batch abroad UAV

Russian Defense Ministry is considering question procurement abroad additional batch of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), told RIA Announcements senior Russian delegation at the Farnborough Air Show.

"As we understand, the representatives of Defense conduct consultations on the issue with Israeli companies, "- he said.

Earlier, a source in the defense industry told RIA announcements of intent Defense Russia to purchase the latest in Israel's large consignment of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) And 24 control complex for the armed forces. First deputy chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission Yuri Borisov said later that such purchases are not among those in the state defense order, and the Defense Ministry has not yet appealed to the military-industrial complex of the Russian Government on the issue.

The source added that now these consultations, the representatives of "Rosoboronexport" did not mount.

According to him, question the purchase of the latest batch UAV discussions are at a sufficiently high level. "Similar negotiations are under way with a number of companies in other countries that produce these products. It is possible that new purchases of UAVs for the Russian Defense Ministry, if they take place, will be made not from Israeli manufacturers," — said source agency.

With all of this, he refused to name, about what it is foreign firms.

In May, a senior source in the Russian defense industry told RIA Announces that the Ministry of Defence is considering purchasing from the Israeli company Aeronautics Defense Systems to conduct tests on eight complexes control drones 3 types: Orbiter 2, Aerostar and Skystar. The total amount of complexes that can be purchased is 24. Since one such complex serves two or three drones, the number of purchased Israeli UAV may vary from 48 to 72 cars. With all of this deal could be around 53 million dollars.

Earlier, the Israeli company Israel Aerospace Industries has put Russia in two UAV Bird Eye-400, eight UAVs I-View Mk150 and two UAV Searcher Mk.2 for a total of 53 million dollars.

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