Defense Ministry will kill about 4 million barrels

Defense Ministry will destroy nearly 4 million "barrels"

The Ministry of Defence has decided to winding up in 2015 4 million units obsolete small guns. A significant portion of the guns are Kalashnikovs.

Approximately 16 million rifles, pistols and rifles at this point is stored in military arsenals, with 6.5 million units of their of-life. It became clear from the source in the military-industrial complex. In all of all of this, to realize this tool unrealistic (as opposed to the royal army rifles). According to Igor Korotchenko, director of the Center for International Trade instrument, the buyers are interested in a new instrument, not warehouse supplies. In addition, the sale of an old shooting guns is not profitable because of the cost of transportation, to health and other treatments.

According to experts, the Ministry of Defence for the provision requires only three to four million "barrels". Konstantin Makiyenko, who is deputy director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, said that at the physical level in Russia does not reach so many people, which in the case of military conflict will be able to take more than 3 million machines. So for today's scenarios of military action is not required mass mobilization as the main emphasis is on precision weapons and military prof.

Focusing on these calculations, it is planned from 2020 to subject the process of disposing of about 6 million units of firearms. The Ministry of Industry and Trade, made it clear that the process of destruction of weapons is scheduled to perform at those factories, which held their creation. This will help not only the preservation of the companies, and their modernization.
Factory "Izhmash" is running Kalashnikovs, began butchering tools obsolete units in August 2011. Slowing down the process due to bureaucratic delays. For example, only a few months after it began recycling, there was a video recording of part numbers. What is the number of machines written off during this period, no one knows.
Specifically, this can be explained nedavneshny scandal Udmurt pensioner which kindling bought boxes and found them in 79 machines, the involuntarily becoming "Lord of War". As a result of an incident was a criminal case, and the recycling process was put on hold until the present day or not started.

In September 2011 it was reported that the Ministry of Defense will no longer buy Kalashnikovs. This decision War Department to explain the fact that there are large parts of the military supplies tools of this type. Response to this was to present the design office Izhevsk arms factory in February of this year, the new Kalashnikov — the AK-12, nicknamed "tool for one-handed. " Critics dubbed this specifically so automatic, since all transactions are made with it with one hand, which is its real benefit.

But the military rejected this automatic. Thus, according to the General Staff, the new automatic AK does not fundamentally modify the differences of the AK-47, which means that the new instrument will have the same flaws, which are at its layout. Soon after that the representatives of the Ministry of Defense said that this year, the Defense Ministry did not buy from the "Izhmash", adding that the new machine is a "bluff."

In defense of the new "Kalashnikov" stood Dmitry Rogozin, the vice-premier of the Russian government. While visiting the "Izhmash" he said about the pros who have Russian automatic, acknowledged even by South American military. Well, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation remains quite an AK-12 and requested it tool into trial operation.

Destruction of small tools on a large scale is expected and the Ukraine. Thus, the Ukrainian government wants to kill 366 thousand units of guns,'s stores located in the armed forces. So Makar, the government approved the proposal of the Ministry of Defense conducting the recycling process. In this case, recycling will take place in the framework of the agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and NATO.

Namely, the decision on winding up AKM, AK-74, AK-74, TT pistols, PM, revolvers, RPK, grenade launchers, rifles, carbines.

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