Defense Ministry will not turn away from applets to upgrade aircraft

Russian Defense Ministry will not give up the program to modernize the aircraftDefense Ministry will not turn away from applets to upgrade aircraft were in service with 10's years. The deepest modernization these aircraft are much cheaper than setting up of the latest technology, told reporters today in chief of the Air Forces of the Russian Federation, Major-General Viktor Bondar.

"Why throw away an aircraft that fly off 10-15 years if he could fly for another 50 years after the upgrade? It seems to me, that's not very true," — said Viktor Bondar.

He also said that the example program of modernization will affect almost all types of aircraft, standing now in service in the country. But the commander said that, for example, aircraft such as the An-26, which has long developed their own resource upgrade is worthless. According to him, at this point in RF is developing a light military transport aircraft, which will replace the An-26.

In addition, Viktor Bondar noted that the Defense Ministry will purchase the Ukraine military transport aircraft An-70, An-148 and An-124 "Ruslan". According to him, "Ruslan" RF needed. With all this he called it the cheapest kind in operation in the middle of this class of machines. "Before 2020. We will get 10 completely new An-124", — said the Air Force Commander.

According to the AN-70 commander noted that the work is going well. "Plane fascinating and we'll take it. This plane has already done a lot of flying. Ukrainian side promised recently to perform the remaining work on it, "- he said.

Also, according to the Commander in Chief, the Air Force has one AN-148 and decided to purchase 4 more such planes. The aircraft will be purchased for the training of flight personnel and solutions military transport tasks.

In addition, Viktor Bondar said that the Russian Air Force carefully study all properties of aircraft, offered not only Ukraine, and other countries of the world.

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