Defense Ministry will purchase from the UAC to 2018 65 Yak-130

Defense Ministry will purchase from the UAC to 2018 65 Yak-130Defense purchase from the United Aircraft Company / KLA / 2018 65 trainer aircraft / UBS / Yak-130, said today the first Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov.

"State applets weapons until 2020 is planned to conclude long-term contract for the supply of UBS Yak-130 in the period from 2011 to 2018 year credit guarantee scheme for the country, "- he recalled." During this year, the Defense Ministry held consultations on the cost of airplanes. Finally, in September of 2011 with the United Aircraft Company reached an agreement on the purchase of aircraft at the weighted average cost of 444 million rubles for one car. Given the lengthy negotiations and the technological cycle of production of aircraft Defense agreed to the transfer of the start of deliveries of Yak-130 for 2012 year"- Said the first deputy minister.

"It is planned to purchase / To 2018 year / 65 under this agreement aircraft "- summed up Sukhorukov.

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