Defense Ministry will receive 6 modernized Ruslan 2015

Defense Ministry will receive six modernized "Ruslan" 2015

Ulyanovsk Aircraft plant "Aviastar-SP"The Ministry of Defence and RF signed a contract for the modernization and extension of the service life of military transport aircraft An-124 "Ruslan", reports RIA announcements. In total, through the modernization program from 6 pass languid transport, who will return in the Russian Air Force transport aircraft in 2015.

At the current time "Aviastar-SP"Engaged in the modernization and rehabilitation of technical readiness of 2-planes. These AN-124 will be transferred to the Ministry of Defence RF at the end of 2012. As part of the modernization programs from transporters will be finalized before the release of An-124-100, which differs from the basic version with new engines, reduced crew composition and refreshed avionics.

First, in April 2012 it was reported that in Russia the company began work on repair of aircraft engines D-18 to be installed on the An-124. Repair of power plants engaged in aircraft repair plant Number 121 in Kubinka.

Create An-124, the world's naikrupneyshgo serial transport aircraft, was stopped in the middle of the 1990s, as "Ruslana" were considered hopeless. In the current project being worked resumption of production An-124, where the assembly in Russia will be engaged in "Aviastar-SP". It is expected that by 2020 at Ulyanovsk plant to be built 60 new transporters.

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