Defense Ministry will upgrade the Tu-95

Defense Ministry will upgrade the Tu-95

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation in 2013, will modernize strategic distant Tu-95MS bombers Tu-up version 95MSM, writes newspaper "The News", citing a source in the Main Command of the Air Force. Refreshed aircraft will last until 2020-2025, after this will be changed to new bomber, the development of which is currently underway in the framework of a promising aviation complex programs from a distant aircraft (PAK DA).

In the process of modernization programs from a Tu-95MS will be replaced only electronic equipment, while the airframe and engines will not be subjected to completions. As expected, the bombers will set a new sighting and navigation complex, which will allow use of the new strategic cruise missiles X-101. In addition, the Tu-95MS install navigation complex based on GLONASS.

The source said the newspaper, residual life of distant bombers is about 30-40 years. Of the nearly hundreds of Tu-95MS modernization will be subjected to several 10-s, while others fall under the write-off. To participate in the program will update bombers Capital Institute of Electromechanics and Automation, and the Central Research Institute of Radio Engineering named Berg.

Meanwhile, notes newspaper, modernized Tu-95MSM likely to last a little longer planned 10 years. The fact that the project PAK DA is only in the initial steps of development and the creation and testing of the aircraft will be 20-25 years. With all of this, entering into service, PAK DA fails to immediately exchange All Tu-95MSM, a process that will end only after five to seven years.

Bombers Tu-95 entered service in 1956. The aircraft is capable of speeds up to 830 km per hour to fly a distance of 10.5 thousand kilometers. Warload Tu-95MS is about 20 tons. As part of Distant Air Force of in the current time including 32 combat-capable Tu-95MS, yet almost 60 cars are in storage.

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