Defense transplanted with the army on the Russian Minsk chassis

Defense transplanted army from Minsk to Russian chassis

The Russian Defense Ministry wants to transfer the armed forces with the languid chassis Minsk production of Russian development, the newspaper "Izvestia". The final decision may be made by the end of 2012. As a potential new supplier of chassis for the Russian military vehicles seen Bryansk Automobile Plant (BAZ), Which is expected to be a huge part of orders for special wheeled chassis for complexes "Iskander" and multiple rocket launchers.

At the current time, the supply of special wheeled chassis engaged Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (MWTP). Specifically, the company produces a platform for complex "Iskander", "Hurricane," "Twister," "Castle," "Tornado", C-300 and C-400. According to a source in the newspaper of the General Staff, the decision about the substitution chassis Russian foreign production is vneglasnym. In addition to contracts for the BAZ creation chassis for the MLRS family of "Tornado" will receive one of the companies of "KAMAZ".

Circumstances for such a decision a few. Namely, the Russian authorities have decided to adhere to the technical independence from imported products in terms of devices and the base component. In addition, according to a source in the General Staff, the price Minsk special wheeled chassis for about 15-20 per cent higher than the price of similar systems Russian production. In the end, Bryansk chassis BAZ-69092 lighter and more compact Minsk MZKT-7093, which are based on complex "Iskander".

In general, to make the transition from the relatively high-spirited Minsk chassis Russian will not work. According to the source of the newspaper on the base, chassis BAZ-69092 was created by own funds and submitted to the Ministry of Defence in July 2011. Even if the final decision procurement platform will be made by the end of 2012, will still have 5 to 7 years to carry out development work, testing and revision of the chassis.

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