Defense will raise from the bottom of the sea flooded nuclear submarines

Defense will lift from the bottom of the sea flooded nuclear submarinesMinistry of Defense of the Russian Federation within the framework of the project "Strategy for the Development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation" is going to pick up on the land and dispose of sunken nuclear submarines Go to-27 and Go to-159. About this newspaper "Izvestia".

"Envisages a set of measures for cleaning the arctic seas from pollution. Apart submerged submarines would focus on the elimination of unsafe waste left after retired military units in the Franz Josef Land, New Siberian Islands, the peninsula of Snow White and the others," — said the representative office.

But there is no RF own forces and means to carry out such large-scale operations, a source at the main headquarters of the Navy. He recalled that the lifting sunken in August 2000, the "Kursk" was the Dutch company "Mammoet". "Immediately after the" Kursk " fleet purchased in England 5 unmanned submersibles Venom, but at the moment they are going to replace three of the latest Icelandic Gavia. They can do some work, but that the search and rescue apparatus, not for lifting, "- said the source.

According to a representative of the Navy, except for special diving vessels, tug boats, pontoons, barges with a lifting system, we need to the same qualified staff to work at great depths, which in the Russian fleet in fact. Because lifting submarines can be declared an international tender in the middle of specialized companies from the U.S., Holland, France, South Korea.

Nuclear submarine Go to-159 sank in 2003 while being towed for disposal in the Barents sea. In it were 10 crew members managed to save only one — Maxim Tsibulsky. Submarine Go to-27 days of lying on the Kara Sea in 1980.

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