Dental Prosthesis

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The average human life expectancy has been steadily increasing, but the quality may deteriorate significantly because of tooth loss. Save your own teeth to a very old age is not easy, so sooner or later the person may be required prosthetics.

Distinguish between fixed and removable dentures. There are many types of dentures — complete and partial, temporary and permanent, plastic plate and clasp. The latter is considered the most reliable and convenient, but at the same time the most complex and costly construction of removable partial dentures. The well-known consumer crowns and bridges are fixed dentures.

The most reliable and physiological view of prosthetics are time considered implantation — a method of implanting artificial supports for fixed and removable dentures. Implants allow patients to get dentures, almost indistinguishable in appearance and function of their own teeth. Unfortunately, this method is not available to everyone and has a number of contraindications.

Dentures deals doctor Dentist-orthopedist. His task — to assess the situation and find the optimal design of the prosthesis for each individual case. He also has to explain to the patient care guidelines for dentures so that they are comfortable and have served as long as possible.

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