Department of Defense: Operation Successor

Department of Defense: "Operation Successor"

Armed Forces of Russian Federation, headed by a civilian Minister of Defense. This practice is quite extensive vserasprostranena in democratic countries, and it almost comes down to the fact that the funding issues involved in civilian minister and the direct management of the army is in the hands of a professional soldier — Chief of the General Staff. So Makar, the last post is the chief of the armed forces, because the civilian defense minister, no matter how good it may be, can have only a very general idea of what the army.

Since 2008, the Chief of the General Staff is Gen. Nikolai Makarov. In the army, he is my entire adult life — since 1967. Alternately passed all three levels of military education level — at the Metropolitan Higher Military Command School named after the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, in the Frunze Military Academy and, in the end, at the Military Academy of the General Staff, and all three graduated with a gold medal. The rank of major, lieutenant colonel and colonel was ahead of schedule. Beautiful biography, except that attention is drawn to one point. USSR, and then a lot of our motherland to war at this time, even if it's officially the war and were not called. Vietnam, Afghanistan, Chechnya — this is far from complete list of places had a chance to make war Russian and Russian officers. But Nikolai Makarov never had the chance to do some fighting. His entire service was held in a peaceful atmosphere — well, in the teachings he naturally perceived role, always he managed to show his best side. Well, which he might be in real combat situation, one can only guess.

So makarom he grew up to the deputy minister for armaments. Well, here's military reform has appeared in time, which has been entrusted to carry out the Minister of Defense Serdyukov. Harder all the initiatives the Minister praised Makarov — and in the end was soon appointed Chief of the General Staff. And in that capacity, has taken the most proactive role in these reforms — as loyal companions civilian minister. How exactly?

Well, for example, the earlier Russian and later Russian army was based on divisional basis. At the initiative Makarova divisions were changed teams. What did the ancient division is different from the latest brigade? Hard to say, it's funny or sad — but nothing. Apart from the name. But as it looks fine in the reports! As part of the reporting and showing off Makarov real virtuoso.

In general, it should be stressed that in the "old" Army divisions were 2-types — ordinary and "constant combat readiness." By the second type, namely, a few divisions, their distinctive feature was that they were completely staffed by contract and could at any moment to join the battle. Makarova aspirations (in the interest of saving that look for full support of Defense), they began to recruit not only contractors, and soldiers conscripts. In other words — every six months in the brigade arrives almost half of the new people who can not do, for training and combat coordination requires more than 1-2 months. As a result of 2-4 months of the year, these teams prepared for combat, while taking into account that the call is a one-time non-operational immediately. Of course, you can throw into battle and non-operational team, except that it is unlikely to fight to win, and the loss of personnel will definitely be a lot higher. And the combat task in these cases can be solved only by the heroism and samopozhertvaniem fighter. But not in vain, because they say that the heroism of one — a consequence of the incompetence of others.

Department of Defense: "Operation Successor"

And meanwhile, says Makarov and the public, and the President, that the combat readiness of its permanent readiness brigades is 1:00. Everyone in the army are well aware that this is a notorious heresy. After all, his team — reduced strength in their nedokomplekt personnel — 40-60%. This happens after severe fighting. And only then, that man up to the standard crew (pre forgetting combat coordination), the most life-affirming calculations need 2-3 days. A previous team really unfit for combat.

Realizing that long prick the President he does not succeed, Makarov at the moment is urgent, "forgetting" about their past moves frantically trying to equip these teams with contract, refusing to recruits. He refers to them as "new contractors", apparently believing that anyone will be able to so misleading. Even more destructive role Makarova relative to the base of the Russian army, the military-industrial complex. MIC is characterized by long development cycle weapons. The company can not create effective standards of weapons, if it does not know what will be a war, which is preparing the country. Because an important function of the Chief of Staff is to develop the concept of a possible war, the prospects for the introduction of the Armed Forces in this war and the exact formulation of what standards are useful weapons in it. In this part of the Makarov in a complete failure of the implementation plan of the Armed Forces in the "new" War is not there.

Instead of Makarov report to the military-industrial complex that will not give him a penny for the development of weapons, and in fact razognyaet military research institute. And the fact that he sometimes slips as wishes for the military industrial complex just beyond the scope of modern technology. It is, in fact, wants a car that would immediately fly, shoot, swim, carrying troops and had a huge firepower. Apparently, something like a flying saucer with interplanetary missiles. In this case, R & D and without compensation.

All these widely known "achievements" Makarova cause of war feeling close to rage. Weak they believe in some "closed" his reward, for that this year, closed decree he received the title of Hero of the Russian Federation, after the military began to call him "starlets Russia." According to the army crept entirely too indecent rumors that he was so makarom provides for itself immunity from prosecution in the future. The scandal with the assignment of the high merit "is not clear for what services" has come to the State Duma, and its chairman, Sergei Naryshkin even had to entrust the defense committee "to inquire" into the incident. In general, because of the secrecy of the public and failed to find "no-merit" Makarov.

Under the most optimistic scenario, Makarov himself will be fired after 2 years after reaching the age of 65. Knowing full well that his destructive activity will be investigated successor as Chief of the General Staff, and that it is completely impartial investigation can draw on municipal treason (namely because the power to assess the destruction of the army), Makarov has launched "Operation Successor". The purpose of this operation — to ensure mission as Chief of the General Staff of "their" man who "cover up" his ugly work in the post. Such a man elected Major-General Nikolai Pereslegin stating that a relative Makarov strip wife. To realize this plan, Makarov has developed
multi-pass operation in the base which is the method known children's game, when the chairs whenever one less than the players, and on the next cycle, and one playing vybyvaet.Vot looked so unique structure and composition of the military elite before the operation Makarov "Successor."

Department of Defense: "Operation Successor"

In this structure, which is a real military elite, has hardwood and administrative positions, such as, for example, the position of deputy chief of the General Staff, and the crotch — as post commanders of the troops, and the real army — as commanders of military positions surrounding area. Makarov started quite silly at first glance, a horizontal rotation of colonel-generals in the military elite. Here's a:

Department of Defense: "Operation Successor"

From the mundane to the army rotations, except the trivial meaningless movements of people across, this rotation is another distinguished feature is that it is carried out not in 3-4 years, as happened in many years, and 1.5 years after the entry Rotated generals office. It certainly does additional damage to the country's defense, because such a person for a year the level has time to just understand the situation, and here is your brand new place.

But this rotation is stupid but at first glance. In reality, it is designed to disguise the movement Pereslegina for the post of commander of the district. West District elected specifically because business Pereslegina associated with the creation of environmentally unblemished food products, processing of nuts and honey, specifically placed there (more on the area of Tver region), and to Moscow from St. Petersburg nearby. But in order to Pereslegin took over as commander of the Western District, must be removed from the post of Colonel General Arkady Bakhina. This is a professional military general, past wars and very pochetaemy the troops. He was offered the offensive to him, "hardwood" posts, or even just posts "wedding general": Deputy Chief of Staff (instead of general Salyukova) — Bahini refused. Chief of the General Staff Academy of the post — Bahini refused. Post as assistant minister refused Bahini.

Department of Defense: "Operation Successor"

Then combat generals offered to resign from the army. Passed through the war a man ought not to be afraid. He made a personal appeal to President Putin and told about this nasty situation. Putin listened to him and said, "Serve!".

But in less than 2-weeks as Makarov suggested Bahini write a letter of resignation. On the argument Bakhina "Putin said," Serve! "- Makarov said that the issue has been resolved and the need to write a report on the dismissal. Curiously, does Putin that Makarov already "poreshali" question? After all, time is very Makarova backs. Currently Pereslegin is surrounded by the Southern chief of staff, and in September it planned more scientists have come to the president. Makarov knows the "ability" Pereslegina (about their well known to all in the Armed Forces), and not without reason, is afraid that Putin will personally follow Prof. failure of his minions. Then the operation "Successor" will fall, because the president does not appoint to home position man fiasco which he watched in person. That's why Makarov Pereslegina tends to translate into Western District as soon as possible so that Putin did not see that in the case. Well, that is a Pereslegin, the media have already written. And here are some new details of his "military way". First stern position he occupied, by the way, thanks to the patronage Makarov — is chief military warehouse in Tver (in fact, zavskladom). And then — fast career growth. The division commander — in this case, "cropped" and, obviously, in the Siberian Military peaceful environment, because the war itself could have killed the commander of all personnel, deputy commander of the Army 5 (in the Far East), deputy chief of the Main, and at the end of all, chief Staff of the Southern Military neighborhood (where Pereslegin and lit in harsh corruption scandals). Pereslegin has moved from tactical to strategic tasks at once, passing the operational level of command, because it did not serve any chief of staff of the army, nor the commander of the army. And is not ready to strategic level — even in today's post, not to mention the post of Chief of the General Staff. And it is quite scary loaf that is able to think out such "strategist" in the criteria of the fighting army.

A situation exacerbated by besides the fact that the military elite thinks: if Pereslegina now put the position of commander of the district, it will have the most feeble "profile" of everyone who is there. And this in turn means that all military generals from the army's elite will inevitably be "cleaned" in the next 1.5-2 years. This situation prevents the normal planning measures to ensure the country's defense. Of success for "Operation Successor" Pereslegin have two years to become the best in the military elitepo their personal data. Due to the properties of Pereslegina is quite unrealistic — it can only be done at the expense of the properties of the military elite. And the first steps in this direction have already been made — Commanders of the Air Force and the Navy has changed to be more feeble people.

Not so long ago Dmitry Medvedev decided to gather at a ceremony warlords who won the war with Georgia. Imagine his surprise when it turned out that none of them are no longer in the army. And it did not go to the same 4 years … Generals Sergey Makarov, Anatoly Hrulev, Vladimir Boldyrev removed from the army. Military generals in the Russian army is less. They are going to replace the parquet floor and zavskladom. Will this army ensure the defense of the Russian Federation?

It remains to hope that the publicity of the Chief of the General Staff plans Makarova thwart the plan "Successor", and not at the head of the General Staff would be "a specialist in environmentally nezapyatannoy food, nuts, fishing and bath." All martial Awards which — only a "kinship" with the now acting chief of the General Staff.

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