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Psychologists have proven that successful intellectual and emotional development of the little man is absolutely necessary to constantly feel the warmth of my mother's, to hear her voice and the sound of her heart to see the world not from the carriage window, and on the height of the parent growth. And my mother is not always convenient to lug a bulky stroller to a pharmacy, clinic or in the pool. And the stairs and passages? Buses and trains?

However, the wear on their hands all over tyazheleyuschee child is not easy. To the aid of various devices for carrying babies. So what's the baby and how to wear? How to choose what is right for you and your child?

The traditional backpack, "kangaroo"

To select the "kengurushki" important: At what age and how long you plan to use it?

The "kengurushki" usually several positions — lying down, sitting face to her mother's chest, his back to her mother's chest and behind my mother's back. If you are going to use the "kengurushka" from the birth of the baby, you need a model of 3 to 1 (from a prone position and the hard headrest). Only this option is suitable for a newborn baby. For babies over six months of actual position of the "face forward", because they are already being willing to look at the world.

Typically, each model is limited by age (to 9-11 months) or by weight (generally up to 9-10 kg, and although there are models to 12-13 kg). But in addition to the standard limitations, you need to pay attention to the individual characteristics of your baby, as there are "kengurushki" mini-miniature for kids, and there is a maximum — for big kids. The models differ in mini and maxi of pocket for baby calf and wide holes for his legs. Check how stretched rubber bands, whether they will rub the crumbs legs.

It shall be taken at what time of year you are particularly active will enjoy the "kengurushka." If it's cold, when the baby is dressed in warm overalls, better to choose a model Max. And if the "kangaroo" you are going to use in a warm note of the fact that the fabric was soft enough without rough seams and hard rubber bands that can rub the delicate skin of the baby.

The next question you should ask yourself when choosing a "kengurushki": how the child is in it comfortably and safely?

It is better to choose those models in which the baby is quite tightly pressed against the mother — so it is more convenient and safer. Experiment with different positions, which we discussed above — sitting face to her mother's chest, his back to her mother's chest and behind my mother's back. Some babies prefer a certain position, the other — change them depending on your mood and condition. Active researchers world wish to sit with his back to her mother's exclusively breast, and more timid kids more comfortable in front of you to see my mother's face.

With regard to safety, Pay attention to the following points.

  • First of all, it is, of course, the strength of fasteners, straps, buckles and snap hooks. All this should be stitched in a few lines or duplicated metal rivets.
  • Well, when the backpack has only one zipper, which can be easily and quickly buttoned. Rare baby with angelic patience to wait until his mother cope with all the buckles and hooks! For example, I have not met such.
  • Give preference to natural fabrics. The smaller of synthetics, the better!
  • The "kengurushki" have to be rigid backrest, which supports the baby. Some models are equipped with a roller — it can be put down.

Do not forget the manufacturers' kengurushek "and the twins, creating for them a special model. There are many solutions — both the baby may be in your chest or behind your back, or one baby mama is in front, and the other — behind.

And finally, the third is a very important question: how "kengurushka" is comfortable for you personally?

Before buying a backpack always try (you can use as a dummy big doll-PUPS). Are you comfortable? Find out in which order to secure the baby on me.

The straps "kengurushki" should be wide enough. It is better if they can be zip up crosswise (in this case, they will not fall from my mother's fragile shoulders). Even better, if in addition to the straps in the "kengurushka" will be an additional belt around the waist. It must also be sufficiently broad and dense, and it fit the shape you'll be using special clips. This method of attachment allows the load evenly across the back and reduces fatigue.

If you are breast-feeding is not on the schedule, and when you wish your child (that is, the breasts may be required at any time), choose "kengurushka", which can detach one or both straps and feed the baby without taking it out of the bag. It is very convenient for a walk or while traveling.

Many models are equipped with pocket into which you can put a handkerchief or, if necessary, a small bottle of water.

If the "kengurushki" have become relatively commonplace on our streets, the nation belongs to the sling while warily. What is this?

Sling (aka — sling it — the patchwork holder)

Personally, I define "patchwork holder" did not like it. After the flap in our view — a small torn or cut a piece of cloth, leather, etc. Meanwhile, the patchwork holder — it's pretty impressive (about two meters) segment, which is fixed in a special way and turns, turns … It can turn into anything — and in the crib for a newborn, and "kengurushka" for the six-month baby, and the wonderful "duffel bag", which is already quite conscious sits a half-two-year child.

Apologists sling became known pediatricians William and Martha Serz, the parents of eight children and the authors of the bestselling book, "Your Child" — a kind of bible for modern moms and dads. Here is what they write Serzy:

"A few years ago we attended a conference with the participation of parents from around the world. There we met two women from Zambia, who carried their children on straps under national dress. We asked why they had decided to wear the kids along? Replied One "It makes life easier for the mother." And another added: "And so it is best for the child."

Serzy interested and began to experiment with a variety of devices and structures for carrying children. As a result, they concluded that the sling is the most convenient and easy to use.

A little history

Prototypes of the sling can be found in the culture of different nations. Even today African and Asian mothers are kids on his special large shawls.

The same French Marcel Behr in 1956 carried out a study in Uganda and got unexpected results. It was found that young Africans from poor families are much wealthier European outperform children in terms of mental and physical development (later the young Europeans are catching up with them because of the achievements of civilization). Moreover, the younger the baby, the more noticeable gaps in various indicators. Why is this happening? The main reason — the different styles of education in Africa and in Europe. African mother is not holding a baby in a crib barred, does not carry the stroller and plants in a playpen. From birth, she is with a crumb, tying him to his big handkerchief or cloth. Mom always imminent — and the kid is calm, he accumulated a wealth of material for the development of the senses, which leads to faster rates of physical and mental development. The rhythm of walking, heartbeat and breathing rhythms mother to help stabilize the child. These children are usually not "confuse day and night" as a result of close contact with the mother they have a clearly established daily biorhythms. The mother's voice, which is all the time a child hears, being in a
sling, promotes the development of coordination. Her rhythmic movements he studies correlate with the, as yet chaotic and unmanageable.

Newborn baby are usually in the "cradle". In this position, he sees all the time in front of my mother's face, which helps to establish first contact with my mother, and then — with other people. Grown baby prefers to "kangaroo" (sitting with his back to her mother's chest with crossed-legged legs), or "at the hip," and then he appeared perfect conditions for the contemplation of the world — my mother's height growth and a review of 180 degrees! (Some are not compatible, it is necessary to think of something instead dash)

"He's back curve!"

This is the main topic that will be around to talk with a baby in a sling. Yes, and you may have doubts about this.

However, studies have shown that sling in this respect — a safer design than vertical backpacks "kengurushki." An American doctor Keysis Rochelle, owner of chiropractic clinics in Pennsylvania, writes:

"The vertical position of the child with their feet dangling (in that situation the child is in" kengurushka ") when body weight is accounted for by only the lowest part of the spine, creating excessive stress, which may adversely affect the development of the spine and cause, in particular, its curvature .

Sling also grabs and holds the child as well as your hands. As long as the child is not able to keep his head himself, the holder must maintain his neck. A young baby should be horizontal or raised position with the support of the entire line of the spine, this is actually what provides the sling.

When the child prefers vertical position (Usually at the age of 4-5 months), the holder must allow it to sit cross-legged in Turkish, and then his weight is evenly distributed not only on the spine, but also on the legs and thighs (in a sling this situation is called "kangaroo") . "

Yes, and the centuries-old experience of the peoples of Asia and Africa, said that the sling is not in any way affect the curvature of the spine. Remember what regal bearing the representatives of these peoples!

Sling usually sheathed strip of batting or batting order to protect baby's head from an accidental collision. On the outside of the sling, as in "kengurushka" is a pocket — for dummies, ticket or a mobile phone. Sometimes, the kit includes a small mattress to help arrange the baby more comfortable. My personal know-how — in this mattress is very comfortable to put a spare diaper, that the road can be very important.

Compared with a backpack, "kengurushka" Sling has a number of advantages:

  • it is suitable for a wider age group (birth to two years)
  • has a lot of different positions
  • very easy to put on and take off (just one movement)
  • in a sling can be discreetly breast-feed the baby. Even in the most public place you will be protected from prying eyes
  • Babies usually sleep well in a sling. You just need to put the crumbs in the "cradle" and quietly do household chores. To the rhythm of your movements kid pretty soon asleep. And then there will be only to shift the baby to bed without taking it out of the sling
  • Sling is comfortable enough for Mom. A broad band of tissue through the entire back and can evenly distribute the load. If you keep the grown child on her hip, the burden will be felt even smaller.

More information about the sling can be found at

Backpack backpack — highly sit, look away

Remember Masha in a box of cakes that hapless bear dragged along with her to the grandparents? Backpack backpack is very similar to a box. Usually it is done on a metal frame, and weighs about two pounds.

The only precious cargo in this backpack is your child. This design is suitable for babies older than six months. Sometimes these backpacks are equipped with wheels like a suitcase, and an awning overhead. However, the practice shows that the wheels are used rarely, and add weight significantly. Backpack backpack is comfortable on long hikes. For a more even distribution of the load on these backpacks have a soft belt and ties at the level of the chest, holding the shoulder straps together.

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According to the magazine "Lisa. My Baby "

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