Die Presse: Moscow voiced the diagnosis of the Belarusian ruler

Austrian edition of Die Presse ran a publication in connection with the release of a new Russian TV production "The Godfather — 3".

According to the publication, the conclusion that you do when you view the next part of the documentary Kremlin-controlled NTV television is very simple: the current relations between Minsk and Moscow are bad. Even the very poor. In addition, the authors show that the anti-Russian Lukashenko power-hungry traitor, they also voiced his clinical diagnosis of "Psycho."

According to Die Presse, the diagnosis, many people thought but did not say out loud. Now NTV bring to millions of viewers: the Belarusian ruler neither more nor less than "a psychopath." For the sake of objectivity, the filmmakers offer remarks psychiatrist. He clearly confirms that a psychopath.

As the Austrian edition, the last third of the film "The Godfather" and even became a victim of censorship in Belarus, but no doubt was a success in the country. According to the Belarusian opposition saw the movie on the Internet more than two million Belarusians.

Obviously, "the Kremlin no longer hesitates to cut a plain truth in the eye. All the more so, in the winter 2010 Belarus presidential elections, "emphasizes Die Presse.

New Russian telepapury, made up of unsightly images (Lukashenko in green swimming trunks on the beach in a friendly Venezuela, skiing in the Austrian resort) weighty and serious allegations: a country run by a family clan Lukashenko, the president himself was involved in the disappearance of some of his opponents.

As one of the themes of the film — a charge Lukashenko, a former fighter for the integration between Russia and Belarus, with treason.

Time has changed, according to an article instead of love began long conflicts and quarrels in relations with Russia. This applies not only to stop the threat of winter gas supplies to Belarus due debts. Kremlin backlash caused the failure to recognize Lukashenko independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. To create the image of an anti-Russian traitor is also referred to the accession of Belarus to the EU program "Eastern Partnership"

Nonetheless, writes Austrian edition, Lukashenka's flirtation with the West remains unhappy. Belarusian autocrat for the EU remains difficult. In spite of all the appeals of the Union, the country still has the death penalty, the country is far from holding free elections.

According to the Austrian edition, what the filmmakers are right on NTV, then surely that "the policy of Lukashenko in his pathological attempt to stay in power"


Lukashenko, NTV

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