Do they exist in reality?

Reports of extraterrestrial beings appeared with some frequency over the hundreds of years.

Many rumors, unconfirmed information, thousands of witnesses, but this whole pile of information can not provide an answer to the question "Are we alone in this world? Or we share space E with someone else? "Humankind is drawn to the unknown space. We see a huge expanse of heaven with twinkling stars when we lift her head and look into the abyss of the night. Who could it be? How do they live? And live at all?

The first mention of UFOs belong to the IX century. It is believed that the prophet Elijah in a fiery chariot, which was called to heaven, there is nothing like an alien creature. There are opinions that the prophet Ezekiel was to witness the appearance in the sky of an unknown ship. This is the case of Ezekiel wrote in his book (the Bible, the Old Testament). Allocate even places where UFOs appear with surprising regularity. These places are called "windows." "Windows" is in the U.S. (Texas, Florida), Japan, England and France.

Yes, and indeed almost a third of the world's population proudly states that they have witnessed the emergence and unidentified flying object. And some argue that people in contact with the space, or even have been kidnapped and held on their ship as prisoners.

However, all the evidence and conjecture American scientists reject. They assert that no man has not yet met with a UFO or something, having an extraterrestrial origin. All the stories about the kidnapping alien beings are merely fanciful. When a person is immersed in a rapid phase of sleep, he can not control your mind. Just at this time may be all sorts of hallucinations, everything looks very realistic, but it's just a dream. The man is unable to understand what was happening to him, that's him, and it seems that he has seen a UFO.

You can, of course, scientists believe or do not believe them. The point is always in your hands, there can not be divided. Here we have to make sure their own eyes, to feel all by yourself. However, do not forget that there are new posts on a regular basis about UFOs. For example, children in Mamaus viewing captured on cell phone video noticed on the record is clearly not a human being or animal. This video has been handed over to NATO, who confirmed the authenticity of the video, as well as the presence of her humanoid.

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