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In the past 10 years, the entire global aviation community expected the new aircraft company Boeing. First South American aircraft manufacturers have promised to make a passenger liner with the ability to fly at speeds close to the speed of sound, but in the next for various reasons, they had to return to more normal patterns. Yet, on a new project, received the title of 7E7, and then 787, pinned such high hopes that the enthusiasm for him not only did not decrease, but even increased. For the reason, that the new plane was to become almost a revolution in passenger air transport, company Boeing, without undue modesty, gave him the name Dreamliner — «Dreamliner." In autumn 2011, the ship finally came out on commercial flights that lasted a bit more than a year. In the middle января 2013th Boeing 787 operations were suspended in several countries.

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Federal Office of the U.S. civilian aviation and the European Aviation Safety Agency so makarom responded to a series of technical incidents like with electric equipment of new aircraft. Also, for obvious reasons, temporarily suspended the delivery of these aircraft to customers. The last event, due to which the regulators were required to stop operation "Dreamliner", was the incident with the aircraft nedavneshnee Japanese airline All Nippon Airlines. Because of problems with the BATT crew had to make a landing coercion. Earlier than once noted similar problems, but particularly in recent weeks, two big accidents happened. Initially published in Boston by plane fire Accum of Japan Airlines, then, presumably, a similar incident occurred in the very land of the rising sun. Seeing the specifics prepyadstviya with BATTERY, supervisory organizations have decided to stop the introduction of new aircraft until the circumstances of the search problem.

Practically speaking, in any plane of all important. But in the case of the Boeing 787 jetliner electronic assemblies have extraordinary significance. To increase fuel efficiency, ease of maintenance, management, etc. on a Boeing 787 wide distribution have different electronic and electrical systems. They are not so small that the total power plane "787" is several times higher than that of the liner of the preceding class Boeing 767. So Makarov, even though any incident which component of electronic systems can lead to the worst consequences. To ensure the functioning of the systems running on electricity Boeing 787 to equip multiple batteries. Especially for this aircraft have been developed on the basis of new batteries lithium compounds and cobalt. At the current time, all have reason to believe that the blame for recent incidents specifically brand new development.

All last days left in office Boeing employees, and other related organizations to find problems with the circumstances Accum. Thus, the efforts of Japanese professionals have found that a large load on the battery could be a precursor to increase their temperature and the next occurrence of the smoke. A little later the South American specialists have caused some potential for small circuits, which can also lead to overheating or even catch on fire. Also, the premise of all these nasty effects may be some chemical reactions inside the BATTERY going to produce heat. Right at the last moment new research and battery test aircraft.

Immediately finding preconditions battery overheating Japanese, European and South American experts will have to learn another aspect of this problem. At this point no one can say whether the current situation is the consequence of any marriage or is it a natural defect Innovative BATTERY-based compounds of lithium and cobalt. All the people involved in the project put their trust that the current prepyadstviya aircraft were caused by some flaws in the manufacture of Accum. In that case, get comparable low efforts to increase the reliability of the equipment. It will be fairly easy to tighten control over the creation of batteries. If the hitch lies in their very conception, it is possible that the designers "Boeing" will again need to find the right features at the source of electric power. Needless to say, this is serious banging on the prospects for the upcoming "Dreamliner." On completion of the project, tests and preparation for the production of the aircraft will leave refreshed much time and money and harm the prestige of the company in general is incalculable.

In addition to the specific research problem batteries are also carried out other measures to find premises overheating. At the moment, Japanese municipal authorities are checking the production of GS Yuasa, which produces the same batteries. Soon after the announcement of this office checks its shares have lost a few percent of the cost. Much more global things at the moment happens to the prospects of a Boeing 787. For example, the question was raised of outsourcing. In only one country of the rising sun is about 35% of the total number of devices for the "Dreamliner." Difficulties with a type of Japanese products have become a prerequisite for various fabrications on the risk of such an approach. In the "Boeing" recognize that rassredotachivanie objectives of development and production of various aircraft parts between the different companies in several countries was quite a tricky thing. The coordination of such a conglomerate of companies in practice was very, very difficult. Yet, despite the difficulties and the possible delay, the South American aircraft manufacturers do not want to turn away from the approach used.

Photo http://fotografersha.livejournal.com Marina Lystseva, photographer

Maybe the problem with the BATTERY were caused by including a fairly complex process interaction management vast number of contractors. These things can affect the other, and the problem of aircraft Dreamliner, which was also identified relatively recently. A few weeks back the operators of the new Boeing-787 found in the 2-jet fuel leaking from the wing tanks. In certain circumstances, such leakage may be even more unsafe for aircraft than overheating batteries. Leaking fuel can be ignited at once, and can corrode evenly composites wing. There is a theory that these difficulties ascend to the very structure of the wing. It has a large elongation and comparable in flight experience significant bending loads character. As a consequence, in some places likely to wear designs, fasteners, etc. Now close to the reality of the damage looks version of tanks or even the power set of the wing. If this version is confirmed, vpribavok to dilemmas with BATTERY creators of the project will receive an additional headache in the form of design modifications of the aircraft. In this case, the deadline resumption of flights will add at least another several months, during which engineers "Boeing" a matter of urgency will alter the wing and then the repair and upgrade of already made aircraft. In such a case, the cost of rework can reach the level of a few billion dollars.

While there is the case any technical problems with leaking fuel and overheating BATTERY for zabugornyh aviation portals began discussing versions of what happened. As usually happens in such cases, can be found in the comments and logical balanced judgment of technical character, and more than global speculation. For example, one of the causes problems "Dreamliner" is sometimes referr
ed to as the one outsourcing. According to the views of supporters of this idea, the Boeing Company did not have to rely on the development of those parts of the plane or of other foreign firms. The argument in favor of such versions sometimes comes to outright conspiracy: Tipo zabugornye contractors under pressure of its own aircraft manufacturers were required to do the job is even worse than we could. Of course, these versions are not evidence, but its supporters also have them. Yet, even at this point we can say that in the final report on the results of research will not draw any conclusions about the bad effects of rassredotachivaniya obligations.

Regardless of the background of today's problems of aircraft Boeing-787 at risk of serious play in commercial terms. In 1-x, leaking fuel and overheated battery, hitting the press reports, very bad impact on the style and the aircraft, and the company-developer. In-2, restrictions on the use and supply on the part of regulators in some cases, can seriously change the outlook of the shipping companies. It's no secret that the flights are planned well in advance, a few weeks ahead and sudden inability to put on one or the other in advance of the scheduled flight plane it does not add prestige. In addition, it is worth remembering that the prohibitions on the use of technical equipment due to problems such as this are fairly rare phenomenon. In the history of civilian aviation can calculate the maximum number of similar solutions. So the "Dreamliner" just a year after the start of operation in the airline managed to not get into the list of the most notable.

Photo http://fotografersha.livejournal.com Marina Lystseva, photographer

Fortunately for the prestige of the aircraft operators and companies, the problems appeared relatively swiftly. Now customers were supplied only fifty "Dreamliner" from the 850-minute order. Because the probable alterations do not look so tremendous and frightening as they could. Most segodnyaschy situation tapped the Japanese carriers. Prior to identify problems company All Nippon Airways managed to take up 17 airliners, and Japan Airlines — seven. Japanese companies lucky that the Boeing 787 still make up only a small part of their fleet. Yet, in such quantity and nuance company All Nippon Airways is already on the first days of after the ban was obliged to cancel almost 180 flights and redraw the schedule with the inability to use 17 aircraft. By the losses from the abolition of these flights is also likely to add the loss, which will appear if Boeing and its subcontractors will be able to quickly find the prerequisites problems and correct them. In the end, the ban on the use and supply of aircraft and disadvantageous to those companies that are still in the queue waiting to give them new liners. Ultimately deficiencies designers, especially those or other materials, or some other of the available reasons eventually pounding on the pockets immediately several large companies, either directly or indirectly related to air travel.

It must be admitted that the identification of any problems in the construction of a new aircraft or equipment is not something unexpected. So called childhood diseases — a born hitch at least some of the latest technology. Given the inevitability of this, we can only be pleased that today's problems "Dreamliner" has not led to greater tragedies and human victims. If you save the lives of pilots and passengers succeeded precisely because of the use of approaches to the design of the aircraft with the highest rassredotachivaniem obligations between the abundance of individual organizations, then 10 years of waiting and lots of time spent was worth it. That's just, like, to fix the remaining problems will take more than one month.

Photo http://fotografersha.livejournal.com Marina Lystseva, photographer

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