Drought spreads to UK

Drought spreads to UK

Due to drought in some parts of England there is a serious shortage of water resources. At the beginning of 2012 was a drought in eastern and south-eastern England, where there were restrictions on the use of water. Projections of continued drought concerns that the ban could spread to the car wash, cleaning roads and public swimming pools. The average person uses 150 liters of water a day, and during the period of 2010-2011, the company responsible for water resources, averaged about 3.4 billion liters of daily water use in England and Wales.

In the county of Yorkshire in the drought there was a sharp decrease in soil moisture and water levels in rivers, but occupancy of local reservoirs remained at 94%. In some parts of Yorkshire was recorded the strongest year for the last 100 years of drought. Prohibitions and restrictions on water use will be imposed in the summer of 2012 in the eastern part of Yorkshire and Wiltshire.

Britain is already facing the threat of cereal and fruit crops, and the destruction of habitats for many species of animals and death of fish in the shallows. It is believed that the crop planted potatoes, wheat, barley, carrots, onions, broccoli and lettuce suffer from rare rainfall and parched soil. This, in turn, can cause a sharp rise in the price of bread and beer, as it was during the 2005-2006 drought, when the prices of vegetables were up 40%.

The last two years were marked by increased aridity in many parts of England. In some regions, fell to 40% less rainfall than usual, and the following months rains had the desired effect.

Restrictions on the use of water

Seven water companies serving the eastern and south-eastern England in the beginning of March 2012 stated that from April 5 to 14 counties will be introduced temporary restrictive rules on the use of water, which can last until the end of the summer, provided little rainfall. Restrictions affect one in three people in the UK.

Under the current law on the use of water resources from 1991, in the UK there are no restrictions on the use of water resources, but the Environment Agency has the authority to impose restrictions on irrigation by sprinkling in the dry season.

Drought spreads to UK

Photo: Promotional poster of "Thames Water" at the entrance to the London Underground.

What is forbidden to do?

New temporary ban applies to watering gardens and washing private vehicles and tour boats, home watering flowers, filling home pools, wading pool, ponds, fountains, washing home windows, walls, walkways, patios and other artificial external finishes.