«DRY» CREATE EXPORT coupe version of the PAK FA

Company «Sukhoi» fighters will deliver fifth-generation T-50 (PAK FA) for export as a single and a double in the modifications. On Friday, February 8, reports «Interfax» referring to the president of the United Aircraft Company Misha Pogosyan.
«Parts — after appropriate deliverable will be signed treaties. And then we will — as single aircraft, and how many double «- said Pogosyan at Aero India 2013 air show in Bangalore.
According to the president of the KLA at the moment tests are only single version of the PAK FA, «but, certainly, there will be double the aircraft.» Pogosyan also said that the on-board equipment and the level of automation will allow the pilot to make even one multi-purpose tasks «like having an electric co-pilot.»
At the exhibition Aero India 2013 United Aircraft Company brought, namely, models fighter fifth generation FGFA, which is being developed by Russia and India together on the basis of the PAK FA, and multi-role transport aircraft MTA, also joint development.
As reported earlier, India plans to buy 144 fighter FGFA (initially planned to purchase 214 aircraft). A large part of them are expected to be single.
Price FGFA development is estimated at 11 billion dollars. In August 2012, India announced plans in the coming 20 years, had spent developing or buying FGFA about 35 billion dollars. First layout FGFA India should get in 2014. Second and third models — in 2017 and 2019 respectively.
FGFA will reach 22.6 meters long and 5.9 meters wide at the maximum takeoff weight of 34 tons. Aircraft engines to get vserakursnym thrust vector control and will be able to overcome to 3.8 thousand kilometers. The highest rate fighter supposedly be about 2-Mach number (about 2.3 thousand kilometers per hour). Besides India FGFA will be shipped to other countries.

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