Dyatlov Pass: The version of the incident a secret missile


In the archives of the Fund's memory of the deceased in the pass band Dead Mountain climbers led by Igor Dyatlov, there are 64 (!) Version of what happened — from avalanches to "Bigfoot" — but none of them has not been fully explained, that there still happened. It turns out that they all go in circles.

In their investigations of journalists of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has gradually come to the conclusion that the cause of the drama could come any unsuccessful military trials. A number of very serious facts to the pushes.

Well, for example, at the beginning of May 1959 the bodies were found last four tourists. Three of them were grievously injured. Do tourists Ludmila Dubinina broken almost all the ribs and seeds Zolotoreva gutting half of edges in Nicholas Thibault fatal head injury.

All injuries — established experts — were intravital. What immediately comes to mind? Tourists someone beat violently. No other explanation. So, I must start the investigation widened, what in 1959 and relatives of the victims cried. However … the party leadership tells him to turn off the Sverdlovsk this business!


The investigator Vladimir Korotaev then during the public said: "… I was invited to his first secretary of Party Committee Prodanov and transparent hints: There is, they say, the proposal — it stopped. Clearly, it is not personal, not only as an indication from the top. At my request, the Secretary then called and Andrei Kirilenko (the first secretary of the Sverdlovsk Regional Party).

And I heard the same thing: it is to stop. Literally every other day it took over the investigator Lev Ivanov, who quickly turned it up and … I was very surprised as a lawyer fastest time of the investigation — March, April, May, — while this case required a lengthy investigation. We ought to see these places, and in the summer, perhaps there would be some trace. "

However, in May 1959 the case was closed with a vague wording: "The cause of death was an elemental force students to overcome that they were not able to."

Perhaps tourists filmed the test flight of the R-12, which was launched from Kapustin Yar.

Well, how do you explain these things instruction from above — to stop the investigation? If tourists would have been killed by the avalanche, on UFOs, from drinking (and what other versions out there?), Does not continue to investigate this case? From this follows the conclusion that the case was closed because it is associated with the state (ie, the military) a secret.

Read more memories investigator Korotaeva ("AIF-Ural», № 5, 2004):

"… From the case, I drove seized evidence and Mansi Anyamova Sambindanova. They said that they watched over the taiga elongated body behind the flames that burst …

I remember well that I was present at the autopsy and medical experts Reborn Hans. The bodies had no visible injuries, but the bones were badly broken. Skull Kohli Thibault was literally flattened. Once opened, we were ordered to plunge into the barrels of alcohol.

About autopsy I urgently reported to the members of the government commission, which at that time were drinking in Lozvy. But the new data were not wanted: all suited version of the death of students from freezing. Soon, I was removed from the investigation. Many years later, I talked with scientists from the circle of the Queen, academician Rauschenbach.

It is believed that on the last image captured dyatlovtsev falling stage of the rocket
Photo: Memorial Fund of Dyatlova

I vaguely mentioned that, he says, there were certain tests. Personally, I tend to "rocket" version. A few years after the tragedy, one of the hunter-Mansi found in the woods obscure piece of iron, which, obviously, was one of the wreckage. Until now, the Dyatlov Pass were not conducted a serious search. I think that the wreckage is still there and, if desired, they can be found … ".

Why did not anyone ever tell about this?

Many people ask the logical question: if tourists killed by a rocket, why none of the military not to spill the beans? We think that very babble. After all, according to the memoirs of veterans, while most of the Sverdlovsk said that tourists have become victims of weapons testing. And the relatives of the victims suspected of war.

Here, for example, said that during the interrogation in March 1959, the father of Lyudmila Dubinin, in those years, senior official of the Sverdlovsk Economic Council: "… heard talk of the Ural Polytechnic students (UPI) that the flight of naked people out of the tent and a large explosion caused by radiation .. ., and application manager. Administrative Department of Party Committee Ermash that made her sister who died so Kolevatova, that others are not found now 4 people can live after death found no more than 2 hours, suggests that involuntary, sudden flight from the tent — due to an explosion * shell and radiation near the mountains 1079, the "filling" which forced the … escape from it on and off, I think, affected the livelihoods of people, particularly in the vision.

Light projectile February 2 about seven o'clock in the morning saw Serov …. I wonder why were not closed trails of Ivdel … If the projectile is deflected and did not get to the intended range, in my opinion, the agency that issued this shell must send to the place of his fall and break aerorazvedku to find out there that it could mess things up. If aerorazvedka … was done, it can be assumed that she picked up the other four. Set out here my personal opinion I have not shared with anyone, considering it is not subject to disclosure. "

In this connection it is interesting memories in print (already in the perestroika), Sergei Sogrina, who as a student UPI, participated in the search for bodies of tourists. "In the early 70s, I met with the Pamirs, ID Bogachev, master of sport of mountaineering. He worked in Moscow in a secret research institute. In the evening around the campfire at the lake Iskander-Kul I told him the story of Dyatlov, to which he replied, verbatim: "We in the years dumped waste stage launch vehicles in unpopulated areas of the Northern Urals, and it was the victim of woodpeckers." More questioning was impossible, he worked, as they said, a "box".

* Obviously, the word "bomb" means chip-stage rocket.

Two arguments against

1. Why perestroika in the hour when everyone talked about everything, no one told the press about the pass?

After all, the same Bogachyov, ID (about which he wrote Sergei Sogrin, see above) could tell us how the waste dumped in the Urals stage boosters.

Only and we ask: why honorary retirees spoil your life by such stories? It means losing any honors and gifts from his enterprise, betray, losing friends …

2. Let's say, the tourists were poisoned with rocket fuel and ran out of the tent. But why three guys have such severe injuries? How is this connected with the fall of the rocket stage?

Alas, we do not have this question solid answers. Not yet. The investigation is continuing.

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