Earth sick of the Sun




Dmitry Kaystro

What is the cause of many problems in the work space stations, glitches in navigation systems, radio interference? And most importantly — what is the cause of the illness, to which more and more people complain meteodependent? Disturbing the sun is very bad effect on the Earth.

Geomagnetic storms — for several days. Russian space weather service has moved to clock duty. Warning messages are continually coming here from all over the world. Just received new pictures of the solar observatory, operated at a distance of 1.5 million kilometers from the earth. Again disappointing. On the surface of our star — the new powerful flash. A day wave reaches the Earth.

"Storms of this intensity, on average there are not more than a few times in a decade," — says the head of the Institute of Applied Geophysics forecasts Pavel Svirsky.

Blue Planet — in the power of a protracted series of magnetic storms. Some scholars tend to talk even about space typhoon. Nuclear war in the sun — a strong comparison, but in this case the right. Millions of tons of hot gas, consisting of protons and helium at high speed for several days tearing Earth's magnetic field. These holes and cause large fluctuations in the atmosphere. Name the phenomenon of geophysics not even come up until they say simply: "Planet strongly feel sick." Malfunction of the space station, glitches in navigation systems, the interference on the radio — visual symptoms of a disease.

Special lights on the map show the places the most dramatic effect of the magnetic storm. Moscow — surrounded by several of these bulbs. The number of rings in the "first aid" these days has increased several times. The hospitals of the capital to take urgent measures for emergency hospitalization. Doctors feared mass heart attacks and strokes in the population. Those who suffer from cardiovascular disease, it is recommended to take extra care.

"We need to increase by about one-third of the amount of drugs taken from heart spasms, hypertension. And if that is not enough — go to the doctor and stock up on sick leave" — advises the chief physician of the Department of Health in Moscow, Leonid Lazebnik.

According to forecasts, the magnetic storm will rage for at least another two days and will only subside by the weekend.

How intense are the next magnetic attack on Earth — still a big question. If the sun is a star called Improvise, all bets are many ways — scientific guessing. Theoretically, the activity is on the decline. But space does not guarantee anything. Scientists call waiting. In the end, cosmic storm obey the same laws as the earth. The calm and calm will come in due time.


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