Earthly echoes of Star Wars

If an object we look with interest, we always want to get to the root, to the point, to the source. For anyone interested in the history of the Slavic peoples, it is easy to find that since its formation to the present day Slavic peoples evolved in a continuous confrontation with the nations of the West.

This conflict did not arise suddenly, too, and came from more ancient times, as a planetary opposition and Atlantic Aryan civilizations.

Available to us to date sources provide more or less clear picture of the origin of the Atlantic civilization. The thread is from the descendants of those who survived the disaster to the Egyptian priests of Atlantis, then to the "God-chosen" people and who are in the same sphere of influence of Western nations. Coming from them — to the current world behind the scenes, with its striving for world domination apotheosis.
As for the Aryan civilization, there may be different versions. On one of them, the Aryans — a totally new genetic material, sent to Earth in connection with recent (or upcoming?) Atlantean catastrophe.

Alternate version says that the Aryans — is also the descendants of the Atlanteans, but other Atlanteans, to the other end of Atlantis. In more, the Atlanteans were saved not in the Mediterranean, and in the opposite direction of the sunken continent — the Americas. Then it becomes clear that it is from these Atlanteans originated mysterious extinct cultures of Central America, and that it was under these atlases were built the Central American pyramids.
Future path of U.S. Atlanteans passed through the neck of the Bering Strait and on to Siberia and the Indo-European continent. This way it is easy to trace the Atlanteans, as everywhere throughout their pyramids appeared — in China, Tibet, Siberia, in Upland, up to what is now Bosnia, where the recent discovery of several pyramids.

Apparently, the center of the living descendants of the Atlanteans was the U.S. finally happy and legendary Hyperborea, with its harmonious way of life (as opposed to the slave of Egypt). In the same habitat living descendants of the Atlantean civilization emerged and grew Aryans, with its network of cities such as Arkaim. Later, as a result of the two Ice Ages, the Aryans were forced to migrate to the south, and inevitably come into confrontational interaction with the Western nations. Thus began a planetary opposition Aryan and Western civilizations.

Therefore, still continues on Earth is the same battle, between different Atlanta, but hands of their descendants. All indications are that these days we are approaching the climax of this confrontation. How does it end? Again disaster? Or the victory of one of the parties?

As we know, before his accident Atlantean civilization was split into two camps. To those who follow the law of the Creator and the Cosmos zhivotvorimogo They, and those who deviated from the Creator and His Law.
Since the essence of the Creator is a thinking self-luminous energy, then those who follow the Creator, called the Sons of Light, the Warriors of Light. Other same apostate and therefore lost their makeup luminosity of the Creator, called the Sons of Darkness, Shadow Warriors.

We must assume that the battle of light and darkness in our universe is endless, and from time immemorial, and began long before the rise of civilization of Atlantis. This civilization, even by the standards of the world's time was very young. Battle of Atlantis and Atlantis World of Darkness is probably also was an echo of the Battle of the still more ancient and advanced civilizations.

The fact that it survived in the Mediterranean Atlanta darkness, no doubt, for the tree is known by its fruit. The spiritual heritage of the Atlanteans concentrated in Judaism, with its hard-self-centered setting to "God's chosen people" and the attitude of the "goyim" as a two-legged cattle, obliged to serve "God's chosen" master race. Not surprisingly, it was later Judaism spawned a secondary bogootstupnicheskuyu chimera as Freemasonry.

Masonic subculture world behind the scenes builds and builds his "kingdom of God without God", according to the principle of "self with mustaches." Not accidental symbol of Freemasonry, instead of the image of God, are the instruments of individual ingenuity — square and compasses. Isolation, secrecy, mystery, exclusivity, absolute hierarchical subordination characterize the subculture of Freemasonry. This subculture at the time brilliantly painted and branded Fyodor Dostoevsky in "Legend of the Grand Inquisitor."

By the way, and the Western Roman Catholicism, too, considering the activity as "the march of God on earth," is not far from the Masons in their earthiness, and therefore remote from God. Not without reason within Catholicism are important monastic orders by type of Masonic, like the famous art works by "Opus Dei."

All this is striking, the contrast with the Aryan civilization, slavyanorusskoy conciliar, universality, openness. "In the world, and death is red!"

Atlanta waged a magical war. They owned not only the technology and control their mental energy, but also, most importantly, the technology to enhance that energy with the help of various crystals and crystal structures. The principle of this technology is quite simple. Our brain, if his discipline through appropriate practices, can produce some targeted, pre-defined signals. Brain signals are generated at specific frequencies. Once the signal has a certain frequency, it means that it can be strengthened with the help of specially selected resonators. As Atlanta resonators used various crystals. Apparently, the period of the crystal lattice are related somehow to the wavelength of brain signals.

The crystals could be small, for personal use. Averages for individual communities, such as the famous crystal skull. Large crystal-building for communities — is well known to us, and yet still mysterious — the pyramids. Now, however, thanks to the efforts of many researchers, we understand that the pyramid — is a multifunctional power plants. They were not only the resonator amplifiers psychic energy, but also hubs, batteries, and other transmitters of the energy captured from the surrounding multidimensional space.

By using this technology for peaceful purposes, it became possible to build aircraft, cut out with precision and move multi-ton stones for the construction of the pyramids, etc. In military applications, this technology made it possible to create weapons of great destructive power — a global geophysical weapon capable of destroying entire continents.

In this connection it is interesting to ask here is what matters. If all known (and still unknown) to us at the time of the pyramids of Atlantis survivors and their descendants were the pyramids of the action, and had, including the role of the global geophysical weapons, can we count the two glacial periods geophysical attack Atlantean Egyptians on thriving Hyperborea? A high water marks on the stones at the Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx, are they a sign of a retaliatory strike Geophysical, to drowning the Egyptian "friends"? Unfortunately, at the present time, based on the level of knowledge available to us, can only be expected to argue that it is.

Now and always battle between Light and Darkness is not only on Earth, but somewhere in sverhprostranstvah inaccessible to everyday human perception. In contrast, the closest to us, we Atlanteans, total weight, not yet mastered the control and management of our mental energy. This knowledge of Atlantis preserved in India and Tibet, in Hinduism, among Brahmans, yogis, lamas and practitioners of various spiritual disciplines.

To date, human perception is only available in the Battle of the earth projection sverhprostranstvah. This projection is precisely observed by us in the foreseeable confrontation western segment and Aryan civilizations. With use, including geophysical weapon Atlanta provoked by two Ice Ages Hyperborea disappeared under a layer of ice, the Western nations, in turn, survived the horror and shock of the man-made Flood.

This opposition, unfortunately, is important to us and now, where we consciously or unconsciously involved, and through it one way or another to develop (or vice versa, degrade). Battle of Light and Darkness is also within each of us, as we, humans, are creatures of the Creator, we are also multifaceted, and also, in principle, are the inhabitants of sverhprostranstv. But we are not even conscious inhabitants sverhprostranstv. We lived there in the best case at the unconscious and immobile stone. Only some people with psychic abilities, clairvoyants can see some small part of what is happening there. The rest of the common people, who are "God no candle, neither line poker" is also sometimes, under certain circumstances, can get there, behind the veil of earthly events, some hints.
Examples? They were not far to seek. They — all around us, in abundance, large and small. Take, for the recent tragic events in Kyrgyzstan: exile corrupt President Bakiyev then provoked clashes between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks in southern Kyrgyzstan, and so on. We see the actual and bitter for us earthly chain of events.

But do not forget that the territory of Kyrgyzstan was before resettlement areas Aryan people, here are ancient burial fair-haired people, themselves Kirghiz are descendants of the Aryan tribes, among the current Kyrgyz still are born with blue eyes and blond, whose appearance can not be explained by simple household "leftist."

On the other hand, on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, have stepped up their activities Westerners. A series of earthly events related to the opposition of the Aryans and the West, is tough. Hardly anyone of ordinary people, including me, would have thought of to assume that these events could precede some magic sverhprostranstvah processes.
But by coincidence, a few years ago I lived in Kyrgyzstan. Then I had the opportunity to experience another amazing event in my life, which has turned my ideas about the changing reality. Looking back on the incident now, I vaguely understand that today's turmoil in Kyrgyzstan began just then, a few years ago, and they start with a new round of the eternal battle between light and darkness. It was the turn of the magic of the war.
But this, perhaps, — in one of the following articles

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