Electricity ancient

November 24, 2011 12:11

4,000 years ago, ancient people had electricity. During excavations near Baghdad found a clay pot since Mesopotamian kingdom. Inside were a copper cylinder and an iron rod. Why? Archaeologists were at a loss.

Pot jokingly dubbed the Baghdad battery. Modern batteries are arranged like — two different metals and the electrolyte. In the same pot poured vinegar as an electrolyte, lowered copper cylinder and an iron rod — went electric current, said www.1tv.ru.
The same pots with metal inserts found in Egypt. So, about electricity knew thousands of years ago. To make the simple battery, do not even need a pot. The vessel will replace the vinegar with lemon. The role of the iron rod will perform a normal screw. Instead of cylinder — copper wire. If you have to connect a voltmeter, the battery will work.
Some researchers claim that the ancient Egyptians covered the underground galleries with electricity. On underground walls and ceilings are no traces of soot, which certainly would have stayed if the wizard would work in the light, such as a torch.
Bas-relief on the Egyptian temple of the goddess Hathor in Denderemozhno see in the hands of the priest oblong-like bulb. Inside the "light" instead of a spiral twisting snake. Image of "ancient lights" is in other churches.

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