Enchanted flat

Fell doors, burned curtains, water flowed — miracles and more!

"Udmurt truth", 02.07.2002, Izhevsk, n93

There is such terrible wonders. I could not believe when I read in the newspapers about a similar, check-it was impossible, and now my life is going …
It all started with the fact that they became themselves closed doors in the rooms, the kitchen, in the bathroom. Then one day, when once again slammed shut the door to the bathroom and there was a noise of running water, I tried to open it, but the door was locked from the inside. Cant did not want to break. Then I decided to call the police officers. Came five people. Listened, began to open the door. Opened, saw that no one was there and not there, and the water stopped flowing. Similar cases in the three years was plenty.
I decided to go to church, where I was advised to buy candles, take holy water and bless the apartment. But it has not improved, perhaps, was even worse.
Falling refrigerator, boxes of mezzanines, burned curtains, furniture falling sections "wall." Middle of the night with a bang toppled the door (five at a time), leading from the hallway into the room and into the kitchen, the hall, toilet and bath. Fired chair, had to throw it away, killed almost all the dishes of the "walls" and its glass doors. Tying the door, but they were undone and fell.
All of this happens when we together with his grandson when the world is my son, all is quiet.
At first the hell is going on in the evening, from 19.00, then — after 23.00 now — just twenty minutes chas.Chasy start to be hit or miss, not observing the half-hour interval, at this time is not possible to talk on the phone or to call us, or we do not can call. After a while, there is a loud sound, like a siren: it is a signal heralding the end of "session". After that we can talk on the phone and go to bed. It's about three or four o'clock in the morning, and sometimes up to seven hours of continuing.
They invited a psychic, he had "cleaned up" the apartment, saying that soon no "evil" will not. But everything went: the apartment flashed big red balls of lights, from whom the cat was getting wild.
They invited a psychiatrist and an expert on the German woman, who lectured in Izhevsk on anomalous phenomena, but no one is nothing intelligent about the miracles taking place did not.
We changed two apartments, this is the third, and all the proceeds.
I invite strangers, who also watched and burning, and the wail of a siren, and the roar of the falling door. Once I even invited television reporters, was shot. We have a grandson in the kitchen drinking tea and suddenly crashing in the room. We go, and there is a big old couch, very heavy, upside down.
Now we spend the night with her grandson in different apartments.
And I am writing in the hope that some of the readers' Udmurt truth "be able to explain what is going on in our apartment, where we go with her grandson. Grandson 19 years.

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