Erase Memory Mirrors

September 9, 2012 14:01

In the old days it was thought that the old mirror, especially strangers, are a source of trouble in the house. In addition, people have tried to look in the mirror less, because people believed that it might jinx the person. And again, saying that anyone who spends a lot of time in front of him, ages faster.

For 15 years, scientists have studied the effect of the mirror on the body with super-sensitive equipment. What they failed to install:

If during the day a lot of people look in the mirror, in the evening of his health is deteriorating. At first he does not notice it, but after some time, he often has a feeling of fatigue, deteriorating memory. Is it all so that the mirror soaks up our vital energy, thus weakening the body.

In addition, the confirmed and "guilt" of the old mirrors. Again, for the same reason: they "remember" the state of a person's emotions, especially negative, because they are stronger, and then project the accumulated negative on those who look in the mirror.

To effectively protect against adverse impacts, once a week you need to wipe all the mirrors in the apartment with a cloth moistened or holy spring water, and then the glass could move a burning candle. Remove negative energy can also putting a mirror on a bright sun.

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